Trail Run Finale! August 29.

Summer Trail Run Series

I hope that you have enjoyed these summer trail runs.  I used to run 80-90% of all my runs on trails, so maybe some of my excitement has rubbed off on you guys!  Trails provide a break from the pounding on the pavement, a welcome relief from the sun and just a great change of scenery.

If you haven’t been to one of our trail runs, this is your last chance!  This Sunday we are making a short road trip to Long Hunter State Park for runs of 4, 10 or 15 miles.  So you have options for an easy Sunday recovery run all the way to 15 miles.  The trails are extremely run-able and flat, especially if you are used to running at Percy Warner!

Here are the details:

When: 8 a.m. Sunday April 29.

Directions: From Nashville, take I-40 East to Mt. Juliet Road, Exit 226-A. Go south (right) and continue on SR171/Hobson Pike 6.2 miles to the Baker’s Grove entrance. SR171 passes Granny Wright Ln on your right, and then soon after entering the park you will see Bakers Grove Rd on your right. (There will be a sign on your right for Bakers Grove Rd, too.) Turn right onto Bakers Grove Rd and go left at the fork to the parking lot for the Bakers Grove Area.”

Trails: The Day Loop trail (4 miles) begins at the Bakers Grove lot, and that connects to the Volunteer Trail (5.5 miles). Thus you will have 3 mileage options: 4 mile Day Loop trail loop; 10 mile loop + out&back; 15 mile Day Loop trail + Volunteer Trail out&back.

The trails at Long Hunter are fairly flat and really wonderful for running. Most of our course parallels the edge of Percy Priest Lake, and there are some great views of the waterfront. Lots of rocks and roots make it challenging but quite fun. Come join us for a great end to the summer trail run series!

Two important notes:
1. BRING WATER!! You must bring a water bottle or other hydration method if you are doing more than the 4-mile loop. There will not be water available on trail.
2. Parking is limited, so please carpool if possible.

Park website

Many thanks to Jenny Magill, Margaret Jones and Holland Carley for organizing these outings!


3 Responses to Trail Run Finale! August 29.

  1. Will Arnold says:

    If you got the trail-running bug and can’t stop, there will be plenty of other trail-runs that East Nasties host. I’ll post mine on the EN Facebook page and will put some one here too.

    Others, do the same; let’s keep the trail trials going!

    (semi-colon for you, Rod)

  2. Chuck says:

    I am sure you meant August 29, not April 29 as posted above.

  3. Check out the Body Bottle ( – its the most comfortable option out there. It straps to your arm, and pulls off easily. Definitely more comfortable than water bladder backpacks, waist-belt bottles and handhelds.

    Check it out:

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