Game Time!

Yes I know that there is a big East Nashville race coming up this weekend, but first I wanted to give you guys my own shout out…

Alley Clean Up

Have you ever done something and wondered if anyone notices, or even cares. Well, if that is your motivating factor then you should probably rethink why you are being charitable…BUT…it is nice when folks notice your efforts.   You guys did such an amazing job with the clean up efforts that the neighborhood noticed!  Check out this thread from the ListServ.

Tomato Fest

Tomorrow morning, 7:30 a.m. Tomato Fest 5k.  Stick around for the awards ceremony so we can get a group picture.  ’nuff said.

I’m not going to harp any more about the race, but the tomato festival itself is a fantastic, kid friendly way to spend an afternoon.  Let me give just one plug: Coal Train Railroad.   They describe themselves as “great jazz for kids and their grown-ups.”  So for those of you with little ones, this is a great way to start the morning.  (Then stay around for the 12 foot long ice cream sundae that kids get to decorate and eat.)


Wear your East Nasty apparel.  If you need to get your shirt, email Drew Jones (  asap and he can meet up with you tomorrow morning before the race.

New Folks

When you get questions about East Nasty, direct folks to the web site.  (Or just tell them to google “East Nasty”.  We surpassed the rap group as the #1 search response about a year ago!)  We don’t have advertisers, so we don’t really need more traffic going to the blog, but it helps us when people get in the habit of reading the post before they come…

See you tomorrow.


9 Responses to Game Time!

  1. Matt Alley says:

    Has anyone seen the results online?

  2. Matt Alley says:

    Well I found the results but I wasn’t on them. I think my bib was broken 😦

  3. Heidi H says:

    Where did you find the results?

  4. Erica Tober says:

    The results don’t seem to be right…First three guys times are screwed up.

  5. Heidi H says:

    Not sure if you received the email with your time indicating the timing computer had a virus. Times are gun times too.

  6. Matt Alley says:

    I did get the email but my info was left blank. I just guessed my time based on who was in front of me and who was behind me. I finished around 47:30 (I’m working on speed for the next race).

  7. Lundy Lund says:

    Congrats to our new 5k finishers!

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