August 4th

East Nasty in the News.

We’ll be in the Wall Street Journal soon enough, but the Lockeland Springs News Letter is not a bad place to start… Check out the article here.

August 11

August 11 will be our post-run alley clean up day.  You don’t have to bring anything, just be ready to: (1) run the Tomato Fest 5k course, and (2) spend 20 minutes with 100 of your friends making the streets and alleys along the course look great!  So next week, do not leave after the run!  If everyone pitches in, it’ll take less than 30 minutes to blanket the entire course.

August 4

First, we all need to give the ladies at Lululemon a shout out for the water stop on these hot Wednesday nights.   Their water stop has been the highlight of these last two scorching runs.  So be sure and say thanks when you see them on Wednesday.

This week is our 4.6ish mile run down Riverside (Run #6).  The course will be marked (pink), and the map should be accurate this week.

Fall Marathon

As you know, East Nasty is going to  win the team competition at the Nashville Women’s Half Marathon in September.  (If you want to join the East Nasty squad, email Heidi Huerta for details:  But there are also lots of people training for an early December marathon.  We won’t have a training program per se, but Christy Brown is going to coordinate some long runs.  So if you are looking for some company for your 18+ milers send her an email.  Also, the Nashville Striders coordinate some long runs targeted for the Chicago Marathon.  (The Chicago Marathon is in October)  These runs are well supported and well attended.

Sunday Trail Runs

Our Sunday trail runs are finishing up at the end of August.  So you only have a couple more weeks to learn the trails of Percy Warner Park.  (The last weekend in August will be a trip to Long Hunter State Park.)  8 a.m. Sunday mornings.


3 Responses to August 4th

  1. JP says:

    Also we have an Ultra Nasty team and a regular East Nasty team for the Ragnar Relay – but there are people looking to form a 2nd East Nasty team for Ragnar. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the newly forming team.

  2. Will Arnold says:

    Also, if anyone wants to run long (20+ miles) Sunday mornings starting around 5am in the Sylvan Park/West End area, let me know since that’s when I roll out.

  3. Chirs says:

    Are we really running in 90 minutes? Holy hell, its hot!

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