East Nasty of the Week: Steve Lund

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a true “Legend” in the East Nasty community, Steve Lund (more commonly referred to as “Lundy-Lund”)

Steve and Emily Lund

Steve and Emily Lund

Steve was born in Colorado and ran his very first road race (a 1K) there, taking 2nd place. Around the age of 11 the Lund’s moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout middle school and high school, Steve participated in a number of sports, including cross-country and track. In fact, he used to run a sub-20 minute 5K with relative ease.

And then Steve went off to college and put his running shoes up for a little break. He decided on the University of Michigan and focused his studies towards an English degree. He also argues that his major could have easily been football or hockey, merely from the amount of time that he spent at those events throughout his undergraduate years.

At the end of his tenure in Ann Arbor, Michigan he decided to head on down south to attend Vanderbilt Law School. While in Law School Steve joined a mission trip to Belize, and during that trip he meet a young lady who shared his affinity for the genius of Calvin and Hobbes and Harry Potter. Well that young lady turned out to be none other than the now Mrs. Lundy-Lund, also known as Emily. And it was through Emily and her work with former ENOW Carrie Cohen, that both of the Lunds came out to East Nasty.

Since Lundy-Lund has re-embraced the running world in 2008 he has dropped 40 pounds, and continues to set new PR’s for himself in long distance races. He even shaved off 15 minutes off his Country Music Half Marathon this year, finishing in 1:39:00! He also hopes to continue leading the fasty-nasties during Speed Sessions and beat his half marathon time this December in Memphis.

6 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Steve Lund

  1. Joner says:

    Yay! Congrats on ENOW Lundy Lund!!

  2. JP says:

    Steve is da man!

  3. SW says:

    Two bits of info about Steve:

    1) Alternate Nickname: The Lundosaurus.

    2) His crazy speed is apparently due to eating the same lunch of goldfish crackers, a granola bar, turkey sandwich, fruit, and a Dr. Pepper every day of the week, every week (ok, full disclosure, he occasionally substitutes a ham sandwich and an orange for the turkey sandwich and apple).

  4. Cristina says:

    Woohoo!!! Thumbs up to you and you WILL reach your goal you fast-Nasty!!

  5. […] yes, and this is Lundy Lund’s last week at East Nasty before he and Emily (and Robert) head to Texas.   Plan on sticking around […]

  6. […] found East Nasty through some fellow legal beagles. She knew Jennifer Eberle and Steve Lund from the Nashville legal community and saw them posting about the group on Facebook. Her first run […]

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