July 21 – Shirts, Women’s 1/2 and Aging

Want to Age slower…Run!

If you have had a chance to run with East Nasty Richard Kalmanek, you probably could have guessed this yourself.  But here it is…a little validation of what we all know: running slows the aging process.

Women’s Half Marathon

East Nasty is going to field a team for the Nashville Women’s 1/2 Marathon. The effort is going to be led by Heidi Huerta.  So if you are interested in training with some folks, wearing an East Nasty shirt, or if you just want to get a group discount on your entry fee…this group is for you!  Sign up with Heidi over the next two weeks, or send her an email for more details: hphuerta@gmail.com.

Speaking of Shirts…

We are about a month behind this year, but we are going to order our summer shirts this week!  Men’s will be a Nike Fit sleeveless t-shirt, and women’s will be a Nike-Pro sleeveless v-neck.  We won’t have shirts to try on, but we will have a catalogue..sorry! We are only taking orders this week because we are trying to get these in time for the Tomato Fest 5k.  If you want a shirt, you need to order it on Wednesday or email Drew Jones with your size: rdrewjones@hotmail.com. Shirts will be $25 this year.

Okay this Wednesday: Run #4…  Remember: the run is only half the fun, stick around and get to know more of the nasties as we head over to 3 Crow for some post-run hang.


5 Responses to July 21 – Shirts, Women’s 1/2 and Aging

  1. Yeah! I’m pumped we’ll have a team! I am coming back into town from school to run the women’s half. I can’t wait.

  2. Heidi H says:

    The Women’s Half emails are coming in! East Nasty is going to have a STRONG representation for the 9/25 Women’s Half!

    If you have already registered, don’t worry you can still be on the EN Team roster and of course train and wear the EN shirt!

    Details to follow tomorrow! HEIDI

  3. Brittany E says:

    I won’t be joining you ladies for the half because I’m running the Philly half the week before, but I’ll be there with my EN gear cheering you guys on!

  4. Casey says:

    Wish I could run with all you fab EN girls! The munchkin and I will be out to support everyone (if he arrives on time). I’ll see if we can get him an EN oneies. 🙂

  5. Mardie says:

    I am so excited to meet some of you and train for the Women’s Half! Brittany, I just moved here from Philly. It is a wonderful half & full in one of my most favorite cities! Enjoy!! (:

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