One last hoorah for Mundy

Tomorrow night may just be the end of era. For the past couple of years we at East Nasty have had the privilege of getting to know Mr. Hugh Mundy.  We learned about his drumming skills through his East Nasty of the Week post, we watched his now infamous final stand-up performance, and we helped cheer him on when he ran a 4:45 mile just a few short weeks ago. If you have a favorite East Nasty moment, chances are Hugh was right there with you. He has been a champion for all things East Nasty since joining, and even though he is still wavering on whether to get an ENFL tattoo or not, we all still have bared witness to his passion for our running group.

On Tuesday night, June 29th, we are gathering at The Basement on 8th Avenue, just below Grimey’s New & Pre-loved Record Store, for a send off truly worthy of his legendary status. There will be catered food, some desserts, and free entertainment from 8pm through midnight. BRING EVERYONE!!! Seriously, this one is going to be a party for the record books!

The schedule looks like this:

Tommy Keenum- 8:00 pm

Charlie Pate and Dixie’s Finest:  8:30 pm

Graham Stoner: 9:00 pm

Jack Silverman Ordeal : 9:15- 9:45 pm

The Jones Brothers (comedy) 9:45-10:00 pm

Guilty Pleasures – 10:00 – 11:30 pm

As Drew Jones would say… “DON’T SING IT, BRING IT!”

2 Responses to One last hoorah for Mundy

  1. hootenannie says:

    The WOE I feel in missing this. Hugh Mundy, you are a legend.

  2. Xtina says:

    Hugh will be missed!!!

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