East Nasty of the Week…On the Road

You may not know this, but East Nasty gets around. Wait, that sounds bad, what I mean to say is that occasionally the members of East Nasty take to the roads and spread the word of our little running community. Case in point, over the last two weekends East Nasties have represented in Florida and Georgia in two very different kinds of races.

First up, there was the Florida Keys Ultra Marathon 50 miler on May 15th.

Crew leader Holland with the two runners

If you are a runner, then you know that the ultra marathoner is a different breed of human being. Their long runs consist of 7 hour blocks each week, they fuel themselves with de-fizzed Sundrop soda and cold snickers bars, plus they learn that hallucinations are just par for the course. Sounds fun right? Well our very own JP (The Blaze of GLory) Cowan and “The Legendary” Chuck Hargrove thought so. These two have been training for this run since the New Year, and I am happy to say that they both finished the race in 11:53:26. That’s right, almost 12 hours of straight running!!! The race itself was a scorcher, with the temperature being 84 degrees at the start and humidity so bad you could cut it with a knife. The course heads straight down highway 1, takes the runners over several long bridges, offers NO SHADE what-so-ever, and finishes in Key West. Believe me, their story is much more interesting in person so be sure to ask them about it. AND…both have continously sung the praises of their crew Holland and Nancy, who helped them throughout the entire race.

Way to go guys, you truly make us all proud!

As for the other big race, this last weekend 23 East Nasties went down to Georgia to participate in Warrior Dash. What is Warrior Dash you may ask, well it is just a little trail race that also happens to include crawling throw mud pits, climbing over walls, and oh yeah…jumping over fire!!!

Both the race and the camping trip the night before was a great time for all the East Nasties involved. Sure we may have been a little too loud during “quite time” at our campsite, but that high energy and rowdy nature of our team worked in our favor for race day, as many strangers cheered on East Nasty to the finish. It is hard for me to convey an accurate summary of the whole weekend, and it is probably better just to say that you should seriously think about signing up for it yourself next year!

Travelling for a run is a great way to get to see parts of the country that you never would have otherwise. More than likely you will get a chance to meet new people, create new memorable moments, and hopefully, even have a great run. So get out there and be sure to support East Nasty wherever you go!

Rod Jones

3 Responses to East Nasty of the Week…On the Road

  1. JP says:

    sweet. Thanks Rod.
    Also, for those interested, check out the new promo video for next years race:


    pay attention at 1:38 when the camera pans and at 2:54 (our very own Holland!) Also note the temp and heat index at 4:42…


  2. Will Arnold says:

    Congrats to our newest ultra-runner, JP and congrats for rocking your second ultra, Chuck! The Warriors…man, those pictures are classics! Glad you all had a wonderful time and looks like EN was a huge presence!

  3. Jacklyn says:

    Great job guys! That’s incredible! My new slogan as a displaced east nasty is, Have running shoes, will travel 🙂 Even though I’m not in the Ville, I’m for sure going to join on some of these adventures!

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