Way to go Nasties!

It was a strange race day to say the least (a surprise 6:45 starting time, crazy humidity, a cut-off point for the marathoners, and so on) but everyone did an awesome job! Some of us set new PRโ€™s, others just had a grand time running around cheering on their fellow runners. For others it was their first half-marathon, and they rocked it in true East Nasty style. A very special shout out needs to go to all the full marathoners who were forced to cut their run short, all of you did an amazing job!

Post your times below, and share your stories of the day!

PS- Two things really. 1.) You will notice that website address has changed to something a little more fitting! 2.) We are back on for Wednesday Night runs with run #5 (and Sunday runs will start up again soon, I promise!)

40 Responses to EAST NASTY FOR LIFE!

  1. Holland says:

    ENFL! Time? time? My time was champagne time!

  2. Polly says:

    I love the new address!

    I was so glad to have literally run into so many nasties on the road Sat. Even if I didn’t know them, I had lots of folks in EN shirts coming up to me and yelling go East Nasty! I even got an encouraging smack on the butt from someone! It really meant alot, whoever you are LOL! It was also nice to have company on the course – thanks Heidi W, Duan-o, Sarah , and Mr. Bare foot (sorry I forgot your name!) for keeping me company at various places along the route. What a good day despite crazy weather. And heck, even the weather helped to keep it exciting! ENFL and can’t wait till Wed!

  3. Time? 2:29:20 but I was way more concerned with that night’s BEER and DANCE TIME! So thankful for everyone in the cheering sections. Really helped me keep up the motivation to push through. Is it Wednesday yet? And so happy to hear Sunday morning runs will resume… I was at a loss yesterday without everyone around for brunch. ENFL!

  4. Daniel says:

    ENFL! Good stuff. I’ve only run with you guys a few times but everyone is always welcoming.

    I had a stellar experience running the full marathon until mile 21. Around that mile I heard on a megaphone they were closing the course. I was prepared to run on anyways and busted through one police barricade at 5th and Shelby. As I approached Davidson, I saw two cops stop a guy from running. They held their arms out, stopped him, turned him around, and sent him toward LP field. I jogged very close to them and decided they wouldn’t let me through either. It was sometime around the 3:45 clock time. My chip said I finished 22.2 miles in 3:41:29.

    I still had a great time running the previous 21 miles, and I was excited to see some of you East Nashville folks.

  5. Travis says:

    This was my first 1/2 wearing an East Nasty shirt. I gotta say that all the cheers and shout-outs from people along the course really helped keep me going. I slacked off on my training this time around, but was still determined to run on Saturday. Surprisingly I beat my time from last year! 2:15:52. I think all my full marathon training from the St. Jude race back in December helped with that.

    Sorry I missed the after party, but 3 Crow and the Red Door saw a lot of me on Saturday afternoon. lol

    Just wanna say thanks to all the East Nasty peeps. You make running something to look forward to! Next year the goal is to break 2:00, or maybe run the full. We’ll see. ENFL!

  6. Will Arnold says:

    1:53:24 and had a great time running w/ my new running bud (E-train) who decided that she’s ready to do the Wed night runs as well as Sundays…

  7. Lundy Lund says:

    This year was awesome. I got so many shout outs from both spectators and fellow runners. My favorite was the official announcer at mile 10 who kept shouting out for East Nasty until I acknowledged him.

    Ran with Mark Miller and Zach Barnett for most of the way. They were great running partners.

    I set my PR of 1:39:00. Couldn’t have done it without all the EN runs and support.

  8. hootenannie says:

    I cut 9 minutes off my time from last year – ow OWWW.

    I miss you people. There are TONS of runners and running groups in Denver, but no one comes close to the Nasties. I’ll just have to keep coming back – like an addict to my fix.

    Hugs and high-fives all around!

  9. rwjones says:

    As Biff Tannen said in Back to the Future II, “Third times the charm.”

    For my third effort in the Country Music Half Marathon I set a new PR for myself at 1:55:28. Now, whenver I run a half on a relatively flat course, the new goal will be to shave off another 5 minutes.

  10. Sarah K. Brown says:

    I returned to Nashville for the race after moving away, and sported an EN shirt in true ENFL style. It was amazing to receive the love and support of runners and spectators, and helped me cut about 10 minutes off last year’s time. Already looking forward to my next trip back!

  11. Brian says:

    3:36:25 for the first 20.4, 56:16 for the final 5.8 for a total of slightly over 26 hours (I went out Sunday morning and ran the rest). Favorite moment: when the starting line announcer said “East Nasty? I have no idea what that means.” Wish I’d been close enough to hear the response from the corral.

  12. Jared Reynolds says:

    3:29:49 for my 22.2. Very disappointed that I am not yet a marathoner but will make this one a learning experience for my next one(which I want to run ASAP). At least the tears have stopped falling :). I’m so proud of all of you guys and am having such a great time running with and getting to know ya’ll. See ya’ll suckas on Wed. ENFL!

  13. Eric Martin says:

    3:55:52. Fell quite a bit short of my goal time, but a PR still. Unfortunately, dropped like a rock afterwards and missed the shin-dig! Thanks again to all of the East Nasty crew along the course. You guys and gals were awesome! Sorry to those that were forced off of the course. You deserved better for your hard work. Back at it on Wednesday! ENFL!

  14. Sarah (the other Sarah K. Brown) says:

    THANK YOU Annie Parsons for telling me about East Nasty! This was my first half marathon and I finished at 1:58:57. I couldn’t have done it without my training buddy Brittany and all the other East Nasties who started in Coral 8- Christy, Graham, Annie, Carmen, Jared, Chuck, and anyone else I may have forgotten. ENFL!

  15. Heidi W says:

    What an amazing experience…

    2:31:36…By no means a Fasty Nasty, but so happy and proud to be a Nasty!

    It was my first half marathon- actually, before training started, the most I’d ever run was 7 (FLAT) miles-and that was 10 years ago. With every passing week, I was surprised at what I was able to accomplish. There were good runs, and there were really crappy runs; but after every one of them, I always had my fellow nasties to support me and motivate me to keep running another day.

    The morning was a bit chaotic, but once we got into our corral, set our Garmins and made our last minute adjustments (number on right? Shoes tied? Nasty Shirt visible?), I had a little moment. I thought about what I was on the verge of accomplishing, and I got choked up. I was really about to run 13.1 miles!!

    The crowd support and all the people cheering for EN was amazing and really carried me through the first 9.5 miles with relative ease. Then the Gulch hit. My energy was gone, my reserves were empty and I had 3.5 miles to go. I walked a lot more than I wanted to, but with every step, I was closer to finishing. I finally made it down the Woodland bridge, and as I turned into LP, I spotted Andy and Heidi H. The giant smiles and cheers from those two boosted me more than I can ever put into words. I made it across the line 1 minute and 26 seconds slower than I wanted, BUT…I MADE IT ACROSS THE LINE! I FINISHED A HALF MARATHON!!

    This experience has sealed my fate- I’m an East Nasty For Life!!

  16. Jeff says:

    Showed up at the start line unable to find my group, and was helped all the way to the end by an East Nasty. Heard more cheers for “East Nasty” along the course than I did for the everyone else combined. I’m still limping, but that was fantastic. I will be wearing the East Nasty shirt at this weekend’s run in Champaign, Illinois, and everywhere else until it falls to pieces.

  17. Christy says:

    22.54 Miles in 3 hours and 41 minutes with my favorite people on the planet. I can’t thank you guys enough for cheering me on and keeping me going to the finish.

    And finish I did. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Jessica Wilson says:

    I finished my first half in 2:24:07 which is pretty dang good considering I had to stop running on pavement a month ago because of ankle problems (luckily I was relatively pain-free in time for the 1/2!). I just started running with East Nasty in December and have really enjoyed making new friends and pushing myself to new limits.

    I ran with pride in my East Nasty shirt as some jerk-off on Belmont yelled out ‘West Nashville rules’ as I ran past him. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope to get back to the Wed. night runs as soon as my ankle heals up.

  19. Brittany says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a better first half marathon to run! My goal was just to be under 2 hours, and I did it! 1:58.07 I was ecstatic! I couldn’t have done it without my running buddy Sarah (the other Sarah K. Brown) and all the Nasties — Chuck, Graham, Carmen, Christy, Jared, Annie — in corral 8 at the beginning. I had an awesome experience and enjoyed every minute of it. Ok, I lied, I was hating life toward the end of mile 10, but I pushed through and felt great when I knew what I had accomplished.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I went to a Wednesday night run on a cold night in January, but I’m glad I gave it a try (thanks to Drew for inviting me). I wouldn’t have made it to or through the half without East Nasty. ENFL!!!

  20. I wasn’t able to run it but I loved cheering everyone on. You guys did an awesome job!

  21. Julie Beatty says:

    1:46:37 for the running part- But didn’t the race really start at 4AM? Alarm sounded, I made the coffee, and jumped into the car to make a 5 am shuttle pick-up that really didn’t happen until 6:15 because of traffic. Got to Centennial Park at 6:30 only to stand in line yet a again at the porta pot, and then off to the 7 am start which had actually already started 15 minutes prior…..whew…..corral 4? Nope..15? Wore that East Nasty shirt with pride. Lots of cheers and good spirit…moving from small town Alaska, so nice to connect with the running community here. ENFL!

  22. Ian says:

    Goal to beat 1:45:00. Chip time reached 1:44:58… I can only take about 30% credit on that. Between the training with Erica, Cary, and Matt, and then the East Nasties all over the course cheering for us all. It was them that pulled me in to beat my goal for my first half marathon. I can’t thank them enough. When you hear someone yell your name, and they tell you you are kicking ass, you can ignore any pain. East Nasty For Life is right.

  23. EastNastyHunter says:

    Way to go team! This was the hardest, yet most fun race I have ever run, despite missing my goal time! ENFL! 1:39:22

  24. Erin Miller says:

    Finished in 1:47:33 – so great to have all the East Nasties cheering for us along the way and running with or seeing many of you during the race! ENFL!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Stacey Robilio says:

    This was by far the best half marathon, all because of East Nasty! Looking forward to running more races, sporting the East Nasty!

  26. zpb says:

    Thank-you East Nasty! I so enjoyed training this season. I greatly appreciate you all. Special thanks to the Godfather (Mark Miller) for all he does and continues to do! I love you guys… ENFL!

    2009 – 1:58:22
    2010 – 1:42:31

    PS – Dear James Robertson Parkway… SUCK IT!

  27. mattwright24 says:

    I took 18 minutes of of last year…finished at 1:41:54. Absolutely couldn’t have done it without this group…especially Erica, Cary, and Ian. ENFL!

  28. Erica Tober says:

    2009 – 1:49:00
    2010 – 1:43:37

    Goal time was 1:45 and am sooo happy to have come in under that! Training and racing with the East Nasties makes running the most enjoyable thing I do. Shout out to my bodyguards/training boys who helped pull me through – Matt, Cary & Ian!

  29. Heidi H says:

    I am LOVING reading all these posts. You can definitely feel the East Nasty love. Congrats EVERYONE! I was so excited just seeing all of you kick ass in your own way. Heidi W…..I am SUPER SUPER SUPER proud of you! Nothing like your first big race. You persevered through the good and bad and ROCKED IT! I admire each and every one of you! Thanks for the inspiration y’all give me as the most awesome group of peeps EVER! ENFL!

  30. Amy Taylor says:

    Although I didn’t run the CMM, I did train for it with EN and ran the Andrew Jackson 1/2 a couple weeks ago. I know that the training helped a lot. I felt great the whole race, and was barely sore that next day. Even though you can’t really compare, here are my times

    2008 CMM- 2:14
    2010 AJ- 2:04 (Goal time- under 2:10)

    Thanks EN!

  31. Amanda Muterspaugh says:

    East Nasty is AWESOME! Special thanks to Jay and his encouragement around mile 12 of the half! It was great seeing all the East Nasties out there running and cheering along the way!

    2009 – 1:47
    2010 – 1:40

  32. Erin Burcham says:

    1:47:57- one of be best races. I credit year-round running with East Nasty and always having a great group of running partners to call on every day of the week. Thanks Mark for keeping our group trained and active in the community, Chuck for your daily running posts on FB, and to all the nasties for your awesomeness. ENFL!!

  33. Chuck says:


    Thanks for your kind words. I apologize for these last few weeks and not having my weekly running email. PC crashed but I hope to be functioning again soon. Group email will likely resume last week in May. East Nasty heirarchy has some training ideas you may like. Consider this a month long tease.

    I appreciate your faith in my pacing ability. Thanks to Jim Schwan for keeping me in check during Belmont Boulevard section. Also thanks to Julie H and Stephanie P for taking Christy B and Graham through MetroCenter.

    Congratulations to all finishers regardless of Saturday CMM distance. It has been an honor running with, and coaching, East Nasty.

    See you on the roads soon.


  34. Vicki Schmidt says:

    3:23:22 for 22.2 miles. Was on pace for a PR and possible BQ. Sad and depressed, but glad I finished vertically and no one got hurt. Thanks for all the East Nasty cheers and support!

  35. Ryan McBride says:


    Broke through 2 “barricades” to keep running

    Stutter stepped a cop (you know you’re an out of shape cop if you get faked out by a 215 lb guy at mile 23 of marathon)

    Was told I would be arrested, (yeah for running on a public street in a storm wearing a goofy number on my waist, who would’ve thought)

    Ran the last mile 4 times to make up lost distance.

    Finished with a big smile on my face. Thanks for all the help Chuck!

  36. Christin Robertson says:

    This was my first half, so my goal was just to finish under 3hrs! With the impending doom of the storm and support from the East Nasty’s I came in at 2:45. After being on military duty for the past few weeks I have been missing running with you guys. I can’t wait for this evenings run!!!! Woop woop ENFL!!!

  37. Brandon P says:

    Congrats to everyone that ran, I know I felt like a million bucks crossing that finish line. I would like to give a big SHOUT OUT to Mark, Drew, Rod, Huck Chargrove, and anyone else that had a hand in getting us prepared for this. It was a personal goal for me and originally I just wanted to finish without stopping and I ended up feeling it on Saturday and ran my absolute best race thanks to those guys. I actually ended up finishing in 2:05 which I feel very good about. I truly appreciate the time and effort you guys put in getting everyone ready, with the long runs, speed sessions, the science behind running, and the little tips along the way. You’ve got another East Nasty For Life!

  38. Sarah says:

    2:24:50 which was a big deal for me, it was my first 1/2 marathon, my first group race (since high-school) and I moved down here from Vermont and the heat and humidity that day just about melted me. So I was a cooked mess by the time I crossed the finish line, but I crossed it darn-it all. Thanks so much for the East Nasty runs, they get me in touch each week with why I run, not for the speed but for the joy of it. Being out in the fresh air, seeing the city, talking with people, community, beer, all that good stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Duane says:

    2:38 chip time.
    (but stopped on Belmont Blvd for a port-a-potty break. Garmin said my run time was 2:28)

    My first half marathon ever! It was great to run stretches with Polly, Heidi & Sara and I loved all the great cheering and shout outs along the way. Favorite moments include: seeing Andy on Magnolia, trying to get a photo with Noell & Lanie on Battlefield, seeing Will on the Woodland Bridge, and Hal ‘priming’ the crowd at the finish line for non-stop hi-fives the last 100 meters! Absolute best part about the run: I was never passed by someone pushing a stroller ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s still hard for me to believe that I can now run more than just a quarter mile without becoming winded and totally out of breath. Life changing surgery + Mark Miller’s encouragement + East Nasty = success!

  40. Kevin Christian says:

    2009 – 1:55:44
    2010 – 1:36:59

    All East Nasty! My tribe . . .

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