Run #4 – nice and easy

Just a couple of days before the CMM 1/2 marathon, so this Wednesday should be a nice easy run for all the nasties!  It’s run #4.


1) Bring $20 to pick up your shirt, and if you are on the waiting list, we are going to start selling any left over shirts after the run tomorrow.  If you will not be at the run tomorrow night, but ordered a shirt, post a comment here and Drew will save it for you.  Otherwise, all shirts will go on sale tomorrow after the run.

2) If you are injured and looking to sell a number, or if you are uninjured and looking to buy a number – post a comment here and try and hook up tomorrow at the run.  I know that there are a couple of people in both categories that will be there tomorrow…

Race Day

3) Are you running?  Make sure to wear an East Nasty shirt and meet in the family reunion area under the letter “E” at 10:30.  We will gather at that time to get a couple of group photos…

4) Not running?  Join Erin Pauling as she collects discarded clothing to give to Thriftsmart.  Or…join the East Nasty cheering crew on Battlefield.  More details on both of these efforts tomorrow.

Saturday night

The East Nasty post-race party starts at 5:00 @ 622 McFerrin.  We’ll have burgers, beer and DJ Zach.  Everyone is welcome!


7 Responses to Run #4 – nice and easy

  1. Julie Beatty says:

    Hi. Would love to buy a shirt, but can’t be there tomorrow night. (haven’t ordered one)Can I send $ with another person? -Julie Beatty

  2. Lauren says:

    Hey! I can’t make it tomorrow either but I’m on the waiting list. . . .can I pick it up at the Expo somehow or somewhere else?

  3. Peter W says:

    I can’t run tonight, but I think I can stop by to pick up shirt before. I’ll try to find you, Drew.

  4. Jessica Wilson says:

    I can’t run tonight either, but I’m planning on heading over at 11th and Holly around 7ish to pick up my shirt afterwards. Thanks!

  5. corbett gibson says:

    Available half marathon entry, call 585-3469

  6. Elizabeth Canas says:

    What about the info for the cheering section at Battlefield?

  7. Noell says:

    The EN cheering site will be at 1215 Battlefield Drive, closer to Granny White. There will be posters and East Nasty gear on many folks, so we should be easy to spot!

    If you have any questions, feel free to email or call… or 473-3784.

    There will be some drinks and food provided, but more is always enjoyed (and optional, of course)!

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