April 14…

East Nasty's biggest fan

We’ve got lots of announcements this week…starting with

The Run

This week is Run #3, My favorite.  Click on the link in the side bar and get acquainted with the run.  Also,this is perfect beer garden weather, so bring a change of clothes (or not) your ID and a couple of bucks for 3 Crow.

The Shirts

The shirts are in, and the design is fantastic!  Thanks Duane-o.   The shirts will be available after the run.  Bring $20.

The Race

Next Saturday is the CMM 1/2 and full marathon.  Wear your East Nasty shirt (you will get tons of cheers) and once you finish the race, meet under the “E” in the family reunion section for a massive Nasty photo at 10:30.

The Cheering Section

If you are not running the race, join the East Nasty crew at 1215 Battlefield Drive to cheer on the Nasties.   It should be a great time!

A little help please!

Erin Pauling is organizing a group of folks to collect all the discarded clothes at the starting line to donate them to Thriftsmart.  Can anyone help out?   It will only take about 30 minutes…you should be finished by 8:30 and have plenty of time to go watch the finish.  Plus you’ll be helping out a great organization.

The Party

The night of the race, Micah Puncochar (622 McFerrin) will host the (??fourth, third??)annual East Nasty Post Marathon celebration party!  All nasties are welcome!  We will start grilling at 5:00 and the celebration won’t end until D.J. Zach shuts things down.   Plan on coming.  We will provide the burgers and beer, you provide the side dishes and the people…oh yes and a $5 donation would be much appreciated.

I run for the party…

Emmit Martin will be back tomorrow with discounted entries to the Cinco de Mayo Race.   Normal entry fee is $35, but you can save $5 by signing up tomorrow night.  (But you do need to pay with cash or check.)

See you tomorrow.


PS Friday, I will be blogging about nutrition and running for these last 10 days before the marathon.   Bottom line, run easy, drink lots of water and get some extra rest.

7 Responses to April 14…

  1. JP says:

    Also, I’d like to add I’ve added an East Nasty community group to Running Ahead website.

    Running Ahead is a free website where you can log your workouts. You can add runs, or swim & bike (for us triathletes) or any other kind of workout you like and customize your page as you see fit. It also will automatically download your garmin info for you (if you’re a tech geek runner like me) and save your workouts. Check it out. http://www.runningahead.com/

    For the East Nasty group follow this link: http://www.runningahead.com/groups/eastnasty/

    Join RA, and to join East Nasty use the password ‘enfl’.

    Once there, check out the forum and reports – make your workouts viewable to your group and you can share workouts. Take a look at mine as an example.



  2. Hunter says:

    I just want to know who is giving out ENFL tattoos prerace?!

  3. Noell says:

    If anyone has questions about the “cheering section” site, let me know. Feel free to bring food and/or drink while we watch our fellow East Nasties kick butt!

    Meet at the location about 6:45ish to make sure we see the most elite runners fly by, literally.

  4. Andy says:

    @Hunter – go and see Ian – he’ll hook you right up. Tell him Andy sent you.

  5. Mark- any suggestions for Piriformis syndrome. Can’t wait to get my shirt Sunday! Yeah!

  6. Christy says:

    A few of us will still be running (the full) when you guys take your group picture so be sure to tag us in it even though we won’t be there 🙂

    And feel free to stay a couple of extra hours to cheer us on! We are going to need it!!!

  7. Vicki Schmidt says:

    I’m w/Christy, we won’t be through running the full in time for the group picture. However, the cheering-on will be more meaningful to us as we will need all the extra happy smiling faces there to support us! Maybe mile 22 or 24?!

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