Unauthorized East Nasty of the Week: Erick Snyder

Usually when I tell people that they have been chosen as East Nasty of the Week their reaction ranges somewhere between astonishment and humble acceptance. This week’s East Nasty was a little different however, when I told him of that he had been selected (which by the way is a process up there with choosing a new Pope) his reaction was a quick and almost outright refusal. Therefore, what I offer up this week is an “Un-Authorized” version of East Nasty of Week, where I received all my information from his friends who know him best. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Erick Snyder.

Erick Snyder may or may not have been born in Tennessee, but what we do know is that he graduated high school from Brentwood High in 1996. He then decided to head off to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee where he majored in business (I think.) He now works in the banking industry as a financial planner and supports his beloved Vols any chance he gets.

When Erick began running he used to claim that he only ran for the fun of it all, and that he never raced anything to win it. Then in 2009 he joined Winter Speed Sessions, and apparently a new Erick emerged. Now he is all about the race and running faster. His running still is not that competitive though, as he is more about competing against his own personal bests than trying to triumph over others. Over the past year he has improved greatly, including a 20:24 PR in the Franklin Classic 5K last September and a remarkable 1:35:51 in the first annual Nashville Half Marathon in November.  

Other interesting facts about Erick Snyder are that he enjoys parking in the exact same space every week at the East Nasty Wednesday runs. He has a slight obsession/addiction to Cytomax canisters, and usually goes to Fleet Feet once a week to purchase a fresh supply. Finally, he also runs the Country Music Half Marathon every year for an organization called Team Chad, which raises money for cancer research in memory of a college friend who died of Leukemia.  

All the East Nasty people I talked to expressed how generous and kind Erick Snyder is to his fellow runners and friends, and said that he very much deserved to be East Nasty of the Week, even if he doesn’t want it.

Rod Jones (with assistance from Margaret Jones, Erica Tober and Micah Puncochar)

12 Responses to Unauthorized East Nasty of the Week: Erick Snyder

  1. HAHA. Love that this is unauthorized. The Unauthorized Biography of Erick Snyder. Way to go writing team 🙂

  2. Stacey Robilio says:

    Way to go Erick, a good guy!

  3. Lauren says:

    Erick was one of the very first people to welcome me to my maiden EN run. Since then he has always had a kind hello for me…right before he makes me eat his dust 😉 Congrats Erick, like it or not, we all want to recognize your outstanding achievements.

  4. holland says:

    Welcome to the ENOW! ENFL!

  5. Mr White says:

    I wouldn’t have got past the wall i hit at the Preds 5k if it weren’t for a passing pat on the back and encouragement from Erick. Thanks man! Well deserved pick for ENOW.

  6. Chuck says:

    Erick’s selection as ENOW is reflective of his generosity and hospitality. When Erick first joined East Nasty he had some questions about training and running improvement. All we had to do was point him in the right direction. His development as a runner has been amazing.

    As earlier posts indicate he is also quick to make new friends, welcome runners to East Nasty, and to offer encouragement. Keep up the great work, Erick.

  7. Andy says:

    Congrats mate!

  8. Cristina says:

    I love it!!! Congrats Erick!!

  9. […] Nashvegas at age six. Micah attended Brentwood Middle and High School, where he met another ENOW, Erick Synder over 20 years ago. For college Micah went off to Tennessee Tech University, where he studied […]

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