April 7…

Besides Run #2, there is some other stuff going on this week…

MG 64 Cards

Be sure that you bring your MG 64 cards.  Turn them in to Tom from Lightning 100 and enjoy an MG 64 on him (even if you don’t have a card, you’re welcome to an mg64)!  Then be sure and join the fun this Friday evening where you’ll have chances to win more free stuff from Team Green and Lightning 100.


Emmit Martin from “I Run For the Party”  will be set up after the run for the next two weeks to give you a discounted entry into the upcoming IRFTP Cinco de Mayo race.  The race normally costs $35 but if you sign up tomorrow or next Wednesday, it will be $30.  If you want to take advantage of this deal, it’s cash or check only.


Planning ahead for our Sunday run.  Since we are running Bongo–to-bongo (and more) we will move the run up to 8 a.m.  The advanced runners will cover 16 miles, the intermediate 14 and the novice 12.  So make note!

Warrior Dash folks

You need to see Hunter Lane, Christy Brown, or Rod Jones to discuss travel arrangements, accommodations, and what to expect for the May 22-23 weekend.

See you on Wednesday.


One Response to April 7…

  1. Hunter says:

    anyone out there have an entry into CM1/2 they can’t use? I would love to help you out by spliting the registration with you.

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