Sunday March 21st

First off everyone, we are not moving to 8am mornings just yet. Tomorrow’s Centennial Park run will be an easy 10, 11, or 13 miler, depending on where you are at in your training.

It is suppose to be rainning, but in the lower 50’s by the time we get started. So be sure to dress accordingly.

9am people, that is 9am in the morning…see you there at Centennial Park.

4 Responses to Sunday March 21st

  1. Andy says:

    A few of us are toying with the thought of running the whole half marathon course.

    We’ll have car(s) at both ends so we can ferry back to Centennial at the end.

    Anyone is welcome to join.


  2. is the plan still to switch

  3. (whoops)
    to 8 at some point?

  4. Will Arnold says:

    Ha! I guess I could have read the regular message board and figured out it was still at nine 🙂 Oh well, next time!

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