Wednesday 3-17

We are past the Ides of March people, but Saint Patrick’s Day is going to be on the same night we run, so there are a couple of things that you need to know.

1-      There is going to be a pub crawl at 5 Points in East Nashville tomorrow night. This means that parking may be bad, and definitely that 3 Crow Bar is going to be absolutely packed out with people by the time we finish running. We will discuss alternative options Wednesday night before the run on what our post-game will look like.

2-      Wednesday night’s run is # 11 , the Church Run of East Nasty. We are doing it to honor St. Patrick for banishing all the snakes out of Ireland (look it up!), and because we ran #10 last week. It is a great run for new runners as well, because you can cut off your run at 2 miles. There should be a pretty big group this week because of the time change and because the weather is supposed to be nice!

3-      We are compiling video footage for a special project on what East Nasty means to you. So come ready to say a couple of sentences of why you enjoy running with our little community.

4-      You should probably wear green.

2 Responses to Wednesday 3-17

  1. Julie Beatty says:

    Hi. Practice still on for Shelby Bottoms this evening? 6:00? -Julie

  2. Andy says:

    Kickin’ night people. Apart from my biff leg and sore head this morning.

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