Tom King Water Stop / Sunday Run

Join us at the East Nasty water stop tomorrow morning!

Water Stop

Thanks to all who came out to rock it! And way to go all you runners who tore up the course!

Sunday Morning Training.

We are moving to Centennial Park.  The runs will still begin at 9 a.m. but for the next three weeks we will be running portions of the 1/2 marathon course.  This week we are running the first 8 1/2 miles.  Now of course the 1/2 marathon does not finish in Centennial Park, so after you pass Belmont you need to work your way through Vanderbilt back to the park.  Check out the map here.

5 Responses to Tom King Water Stop / Sunday Run

  1. Andy says:

    Water stop is about the 5K turnaround point as well.

    Brothers Jones will have my (waterproof) video camera, so smile/grimace/throw out the EN gang sign/whatever as you pass by.

    I’ll edit and YouTube later tomorrow.

  2. Andy says:

    You guys rocked it up today.

    I was ready to bail at about mile 10, but the thought of letting you down kept me going.

    Again, I started to falter, but the volume coming from under the bridge dragged me onwards.

    The cheers of encouragement gave me such a boost and an incredible push on to the finish.

    Thank you one and all for helping me reach my goal.

  3. Jen says:

    I wanted to thank you guys for the awesome water stop! It meant a lot to back-of-the-packers like me who were sucking wind toward the end of the run. I was laughing like a loon for the next two miles after I passed you.

    (Tell the guy who let me pat his butt for luck that I may never wash that hand again.)

  4. David H says:

    The water stop did indeed rock! I was trying to hold my pace, but felt myself faltering. The sight of all the familiar, friendly faces screaming at the top of their lungs helped me step it up a notch. I felt like I had my own cheering section. What a boost! Thanks to all!

  5. musiccitymatt says:

    You guys were awesome! I could hear you a half-mile away. Thanks!

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