Wednesday 2-17

MG 64

So Lightning 100 has teamed up with MG 64 for a new contest… Someone from L100 will be at the runs on Wednesdays to sign you up if you are interested. Read below:

Join Lightning 100 and Team Green Adventures' 64 Mile Club: Run 64 miles 
before the Country Music Marathon & Half-Marathon and you are eligible 
to win prizes. Register to be a 64 Mile Club member by coming over to 
the Three Crow Bar after every East Nasty run Wednesday nights. All 
participants receive a free 64 Mile Club American Apparel t-shirt and a 
64 Mile Club card to log your miles. Simply log your miles then bring 
your completed card to our Kick-off prize Party Friday, April 9 at 
Buffalo Wild Wings, Nashville West, from 6-9pm to win some fantastic 
prizes including free entries into the Country Music Marathon & 
Half-Marathon, gift certificates to outfitters, concert tickets, and 
much more! All participants (21 years & older) are eligible for prizes 
no matter how many miles are logged. For more details, email


Over the next two weeks we will be ordering the 2010 East Nasty 1/2 marathon shirts!  Drew found us a fantastic deal, so we will be getting nike dry fit shirts for about $15 a piece.  The shirts will be ordered on March 1, so you have until then to place your order!   Drew will have shirts available to try on for the next two weeks…so no excuses if you miss the cut off!

Run #7

We’ve been having a lot of newcomers…two things:

If you are new, bring a change of clothes, some $$$, and join us at 3 Crow for a post-run beverage.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be hosting a Sunday morning brunch before you know it…

For you long-timers, find someone who looks lost and make sure that they are welcome!

See you tomorrow.


5 Responses to Wednesday 2-17

  1. Sometimes I wonder why seemingly every race or running event I do revolves around beer. Maybe our shirts should say…I run to drink or I run for the beer 😉 Couple questions for you:
    1. Can we just bring cash/check to you for the shirts on Wed or Sun?
    2. Sweatshirts- so I’m quasi new to E.N. and have been coveting the warm sweatshirts I see at 3 crow 🙂 Where might a girl find one of those?
    3. I’m training for my first marathon (gulp) and love running with EN but am wondering if there are any people doing the same thing that I could add on with on wed and/or Sun. I need some longer running buddies to keep me going.

    Thanks so much! See you tonight!

  2. Christy- I got an email with your post but I don’t see it on here. Weird. I’m training for the Flying Pig in Cincinnati the week after CMM so I’d LOVE to run with you! The add on in the beginning sounds perfect. What are you running Sunday?

  3. Christy says:

    Hey Jacklyn!

    I posted it under the wrong account so I deleted it to try again 🙂 I am running 13 on Sunday and I keep about a 9:45-10:00/mile pace for long runs…How does that sound? I would love to have a running buddy for that extra mileage! Let me know! 🙂



  4. That.sounds.perfect 🙂 That’s what I have to run this week and the pace is right on. Let me know where you start from and where. I’m so excited to have a running buddy!

  5. Chuck says:

    Jackly, regarding your hooded sweatshirt question; those were ordered and distributed a couple of months back. Next group order is East Nasty dry fit shirts. You can can contact Drew Jones at Fleet Feet for any extra hooded sweatshirts and/or place an order for East Nasty Country Music dry fit shirts. Sweatshirts supply may be empty.

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