East Nasty of the Week: Erin Garling

When Erin Garling decided to start her running career, she went ahead and shot for the full marathon, forgoing any 5k, 10k, and any other type of race out there. According to her story, she downloaded Hal Higdon’s training program and set in motion a schedule to complete that year’s Chicago Marathon. This happened while she was at Wheaton College, and running that crazy distance was on her life list of things to do, so it made sense to her that she might as well just knock it out.

Erin was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, on Valentine’s Day no less! Plus she has an identical twin sister, Alison. While growing up she played field hockey for her middle school and high school teams. Once in college though, she transferred those skills on to the lacrosse field. From Wheaton College she moved to Nashville to pursue a Master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner, which she completed in 2005.

The running bug was still running around in her head after the Chi-town marathon, so she decided to help create a team for the Blue Ridge Relay Race in North Carolina. This group of runners started training together, and one day while trying to think of a team name, Drew Sloss proclaimed that the only way he was running was if they named the team…”EAST NASTY!” The whole trip was a magical experience, as I am told these relay races can be, filled with no sleep, hard runs, no showers, and all around delirium that is bound to bring people together. About a week after that event, her and Mark Miller (who was also on the team) began dating. And in case you did not already know, three weeks from now they are getting married!

Right now Erin’s life is pretty busy making wedding plans and keeping up with her work at Siloam Family Health Center. When she does have the time she enjoys getting out to see music, and one day hopes to see U2 live in concert. And even though she can only find the time to follow the now infamous Carrie Cohen training program (only Wed. and Sun. East Nasty runs), she does have the honor of being one of the first East Nasty members, which pretty much makes her kind of a big deal.

The original "East Nasty" Blue Ridge Relay Team

Rod Jones

10 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Erin Garling

  1. Duane says:

    hooray! its about time erin is the ENOW!

    erin, you are such a blessing to everyone around you – your neighbors in the east nashville community, the KIPPsters you volunteer with, the patients you care for, and your fellow east nasty runners. east nashville is a richer community because you are in it. congrats again to you and mark – and happy birthday!

  2. hootenannie says:

    Erin, you are one of the cutest, nicest, sweetest humans on the planet. Can’t wait to see you at your WEDDING in less than a month! xo

  3. drew says:

    That was an awesome race weekend! I’m really glad you put that event together Erin. Thankfully, I haven’t had to change a bus tire at 3am in the middle of nowhere since.

  4. Erica says:

    Yay! What a perfect pick for ENOW!

  5. Heidi H says:

    Erin! I can’t believe I was with you on Sunday and didn’t even know it was your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Congrats on ENOW and all the best for your wedding day. 🙂

  6. Mr White says:

    What a light you are in everyones lives 🙂

  7. Micah says:

    I still contest that Erin approached us to run the first Blue Ridge Relay whilst drinking. That was a smart move! Glad to know you, Erin!

  8. Cristina says:

    Erin, I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am to know you. You are an original EN which only makes you ‘perfect’ for ENOW … Thank you for being such a great EN friend!!! 🙂

  9. Jill says:

    Erin (and Mark) wow…I’ve been away from EN way too long. I had no idea you two were engaged! Congrats!! And, Erin, I saw you last year at Siloam but you were with patients so I didn’t say anything (I was with Komen). All the best to you and to Mark!!

  10. […] Kevin says, pointing to the fact that he’s filmed for a number of East nasty weddings: the Millers, Puncochars, and Harris‘ to name a few. He’s created video for I Run for the Party and […]

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