Wednesday Jan. 20

Run #3.  I love this run, but we have to cross Eastland twice…and the turn from Eastland to 20th is easy to miss.  I’ll be around to direct traffic, but take a moment to check out the map.

After a couple of nasty weeks here in music city, we are in for a little January warm-up.  It is hard to dress for running in winter in the south because you have no idea how warm it is going to be!

Two things:

1) Dress as if you are going for a hike in weather that is 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.   So if it is 35, dress as though you were going for a hike at 55 degrees.

2) “There is no such thing as inclement conditions, just inadequate preparation.”  ~Gino Leone.    East Nasties do not make excuses! Throw on your sweatshirt, a toboggan, gloves and get out and run!


The KIPP Track team is 60 strong, and I am delivering the donations after the run this Sunday.  If you are able to help out financially, please bring your money this week!  Thanks for everyone who has given a gift already!

See you on Wednesday!

6 Responses to Wednesday Jan. 20

  1. jenny says:

    Is there a way to help. Kipp other than financially?

  2. drew says:

    eastland and porter section is soon to receive a 3 way stop that will include a cross walk. we’ll be able to cross there forthwith.

  3. Lauren says:

    Shut the front door Drew! That is great news!

  4. Polly says:

    Awesome news! I’m scared to even drive around that corner sometimes!

  5. Andy says:

    From the Tennessean – 18th January 2010:

    A new three-way stop at the intersection of Eastland Avenue and Porter Road should be installed within a month, according to Metro Public Works.

    The Metro Traffic and Parking Commission approved the item at last week’s meeting after residents lobbied local officials for solutions to the speeding traffic, which makes the area unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Eastland and Porter meet to form a skewed T-shaped intersection, which is controlled with a stop sign on the east side of Eastland.

    Neighbors complained the layout is unsafe, making it difficult to turn left off Porter Road onto Eastland Avenue.

    “We have pavement to do markings to make it more of a 90 degree intersection,” said Chip Knauf with Metro Public Works traffic engineering division.

    “It will never be perfect because of the skew. We are going to try and use markings to T the intersection up a little better.”

    No street closures will are expected during the installation.

    Chris Morris, who lives about 200 feet from the intersection, was one of many neighbors pleased with the commission’s decision.

    “We constantly hear horns, tires screeching, and it’s just awful in terms of visibility,” he said. “We want to make the area more walkable, and there is no safe way to cross the street the way it’s set up now.”

    “We also have problems with speeders, and we hope this act as a calming agent.”

    Public Works engineers believe the three-way stop could significantly cause traffic to back up on Eastland and/or Porter Road during peak hours.

    Based on the volume, about 7,500 vehicles will have to stop once the signs are installed.

    The residents opted to make an appeal before the Traffic and Parking Commission after Public Works engineers said additional stop signs would not be the best alternative.

    “Some of those vehicles may distribute onto side streets,” Knauf said. “We go by federal guidelines of accidents and volumes, and a stop sign didn’t meet those guidelines.”

    Morris believes the traffic will continue to move smoothly and the three-way stop will not be an inconvenience. He says there is a four-way stop at Eastland and South 14th Street with minimal congestion.

    “I would rather deal with the backup in front of my house than all the other negatives,” he said, “but I’m confident it won’t be a problem.”

    Contact Nancy DeVille at
    259-8304 or ndeville@

    So next time we run # 3 the work should be complete. Good to know they are tweaking the road layout too. That thing is a mess.

  6. Michelle Roberts says:

    Hello! My slow self is planning on coming out to run with y’all Wednesday night, I’m not very familiar with the area is there anywhere I should park, or more importantly not park? Any info you think I should know will be welcome.


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