January 13 – High in the Mid-40’s

“High in the mid-40’s”…those words never sounded so good.  With balmy temperatures like that, there is no excuse not to join us this week for Run #2!

KIPP Academy Track Team

East Nasty is committed to give back to the youth of our neighborhood.  KIPP Academy is a local charter school (located at 123 Douglas Ave.) that is starting a track team, and we are going to raise the funds to support this endeavor!  Last week, I gave many of you an envelope with a request for a donation.   If you didn’t look inside, there is a form that asks for your contact information, and donation amount.  Please fill out your contact info and bring your donations back to me this week or next week! I have more donation forms if you didn’t get a chance to get one last Wednesday or on Sunday.   Let’s join together and pass our love of running along to the next generation,  our goal is to raise over $3000!

Winter Speed Sessions

It is difficult to motivate to run hard…especially when it is cold.  But, up tempo running is essential if you are looking to maximize your running potential.  If you are looking for a PR this year at the 1/2 marathon, or if you are just looking for some guidance on track workouts, I encourage you to sign up for fleet feet’s winter speed sessions.   These workouts are designed based on your current fitness level, and are guaranteed to significantly improve your racing this spring!  Talk to Drew or Mark to get more details, or simply sign up here.

Nashville Restaurant Week

Have you ever wanted to eat at The Acorn, The Standard, or Tin Angel but sticker shock turns you away??  Well restaurant week is for you.  This week, a variety of restaurants are offering dining specials for a set price.   Check out the link above and enjoy a night out for a (fairly) reasonable price!

See you on Wednesday!

3 Responses to January 13 – High in the Mid-40’s

  1. Kim says:

    As a newbie to East Nasty, I had a great time tonight and wanted to thank you all for such a warm welcome. I’ll definitely be back!

  2. Heidi H says:

    East Nasty strikes again! 🙂 Tonight was a great run…Boscobel hill and ALL!

  3. That hill was killer 🙂 Great though, wouldn’t have done it by myself. I want to echo what Kim said. It was my second time running with East Nasty and it was great. Thanks so much for getting this together. I am so glad to have a group to run with. I just posted about you all on my blog and how great I think this group is. THANK YOU!!

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