East Nasty of the Week: Polly Todd Alexander

If there was a Ms. International award at East Nasty, I am pretty sure that it would go to Polly Alexander.


Polly came into this world as a duel citizen. Her parents are both Canadian, but she was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Therefore she is 100% Canadian, but gets the bonus of a US citizenship. But her role as a world class citizen does not end there, because for high school she went to an International school in Paris, France. When asked does she still know the French language pretty well, Polly’s response was “un petit peu,” which translates into “a little bit.”

For college Polly returned to the “Great White North,” and enrolled at the University of Toronto. There she studied Anthropological Sciences, which basically focuses on the interoperating small bone fragments and skull pieces, and from that gleaming and understanding of how that person lived.

For graduate school Polly returned to her birth home of Pittsburgh, and this time she focused in the world of Library Science. With her MLS degree in hand, she came toNashville, TN for a job working at Vanderbilt’s Biomedical Library. Upon accepting the position though, she realized she needed to do something that she had been putting off for 7 years, and that was getting her driver’s license. Polly might be one of the few people in history that took her drivers’ test in a rented car.

 Before the running bug bit her, Polly focused her athletic intentions towards hockey. She played in an all female league for 5 years. Polly played defense, and from what her friend Casey Murphy says, she was a bit of a scrapper.

One day she was looking at the East Nashville Google listserv, and she read a post by Chuck (I took first place in the 60K portion of the Nashville Ultra Race) Hargrove. He was inviting people out to a newly formed running group called East Nasty, and Polly thought to herself that it sounded interesting. She was instantly hooked to running, and even began to invite her friends Casey and Terry along for the adventure. Since joining East Nasty she has run in 4.5 half marathons. 2 Country Music Halfs, 2 Music City Halfs (yes there is a difference!) and she attempted to run a half marathon in New Orleans, but had to drop out after 6 miles due to illness.

She is currently training for the upcoming I Run for the Party Half marathon, where she hopes to set a new PR for herself.

Rod Jones

7 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Polly Todd Alexander

  1. John van der Harst says:

    Oh great. This will add to our reputation. The Nasties have an enforcer — a social fixture of our club, no less — who has practiced for years how to crush our competitors into the sides of parked cars or telephone poles if need be!

    Nice to slip some recent news in also on our ’08 ENOY Chuck Hargrove, who deserves some personal credit after all he does to assist others through the year.

  2. Chuck says:

    Polly is a great choice for ENOW. Last Wednesday our course was same as when we met her summer 2008. She is so sentimental on those tough hills. It has been a pleasure knowing Polly for over a year now, and to watch her running progress.

    Also interesting are all these nicknames that keep popping up for yours truly. As long as spelling is correct I won’t complain…yet. Ha ha.

    John, I appreciate your kind comments. East Nasty is made great by dozens, and at times over 100 runners. Thanks everyone.

  3. Jessie says:

    Yay, Polly!

  4. Amy Ow says:

    Polly is incredible! Who knew you played hockey?! Will never forget your great long run / sprinkler tour of west nashville this past summer. Glad I’ve gotten to know you. It’s always nice to see your smile out at the runs. Congrats!

  5. Casey says:

    I enforce while Polly instigates…she is really good at pissing off really large women on skates. 🙂 You always want Polly playing with you & not against you!

  6. Dutch (Holland) says:

    Mental note to self….don’t let Polly drive LOL. Polly is always playing “mother hen” and watching out for the folks in the back of the pack on Wed. night runs. Thanks for that EN of the week!!!!

  7. […] learned about East Nasty through his wife, and fellow ENOW, Polly Alexander and started running with us after being a “running widower” as Polly headed off on her half […]

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