Recent East Nasty Activity

It is officially Fall, as the weather and leaves are indicating, and recently a few East Nastys have participated in some pretty amazing races.

First off there was the Bourbon Chase crew. This group of 12 runners set out early Friday morning on October 9th, to experience what the website said would be, “a 200 mile trek through the scenic back roads of the Bluegrass countryside and Kentucky Bourbon Trail.” This inaugural relay race went from Clermont to Lexington, through a handful of working distilleries, and from the early morning of Friday through the late afternoon of the Saturday. Each team member was given three different sections of the 200 miles to run, and they would “pass” the race number from person to person. Most of the team did not sleep more than 2 hours throughout the entire adventure, and their efforts paid off, because Team East Nasty took 3rd in the coed division!


The East Nasty Team consisted of David Canas, Erica Tober, Mary Thom Vandercook, Julie Hackbarth, Stephanie Pepper, Paul Zimmerman-Clayton, Marcia Sorrell, Drew Jones, Kevin Kazlauskas, Carrie Cohen, David Harris, and Scott Ramsden, with Christy Maynard behind the wheel.

Just this last weekend, on October 17th, two East Nastys participated in the Nashville Ultra Marathon. Chuck “the Golden Child” Hargrove took first place in the 60K (37.28 miles) part of the race, finishing in 6:46:00. Will Arnold, who was completing his first ever 50 mile race, finished 12th, with a time of 9:13:07.


All of these East Nastys did a great job representing our group and deserve much praise and maybe even a few free beverages at 3 Crow Bar this week.

10 Responses to Recent East Nasty Activity

  1. Chuck says:

    Had Will Arnold entered the 60K, he would have won. Will was ahead of me entire race and past his 60K split. Thanks to all for your kind comments regarding this ultra. Holland deserves lots of credit for driving around town and meeting us with drinks, snacks and ibuprofen. Thanks to Brothers Jones for their support and company during ultra. To Scott Ramsden, that Clif Bar saved my fatigued body. Now I join Alexis and Margaret as road race gender overall champion representing East Nasty (apologies if I accidentally excluded anyone).

  2. pzc says:

    “Most of the team did not sleep more than 2 hours throughout the entire adventure…”

    I’m pretty sure I won the sleeping contest.

  3. Chuck says:

    Congratulations to Alexis Hoag, third place female overall at Sunday’s Music City Half-Marathon, 1:40:17. Also competing were Polly, Holland, Lauren, Casey, Terry, and many other Nasties at heart.

  4. Chuck says:

    East Nasty runner Jill Mongene won her age group at Sunday’s Louisville Marathon. I won’t mention Jill’s age, but a smart man would say 21. Congratulations Jill.

  5. Chuck says:

    Sunday in Louisville, East Nasty runner Jill Mongene won her age group at Louisville Marathon.

  6. Chuck says:

    An email from East Nasty runner Brian Murray, “Chuck,
    I didn’t make it to the Wednesday night run last week (wasn’t quite back to full speed yet) and I’m going to be out of town this week so I’m resorting to e-mail to send you a big thank you. I had a great time at the Chicago Marathon, meeting my goals and setting a new PR. The Wednesday night runs were a big part of my success. Having a great group to run with and a variety of courses to run was a great way to fight off any boredom that might come from running more and more miles on the same old roads. Thank you for all the work you and Mark do to organize the runs and keep the group dynamic and fun. Wednesdays are one of the highlights of my week.

    I’d appreciate it if you could pass my thanks on to Mark.

    All the best, from the back of the pack,
    Brian Murray “

  7. Will Arnold says:

    Chuck, I will say, not only won among the 60k entrants, but he also won the prize for the “most ladies” surrounding him on the course!

  8. Will Arnold says:

    My finishing was thanks to the following East Nasty peeps:
    Drew Jones for the Metro Center pep
    Rod Jones for a whole dern 7 miles (definitely during my low point)
    Margaret Jones for running mi 45-50 with me
    Scott Ramsden for an aid station shout-out and mi 46-50
    Leah Todd for the rockin’ sign she made!
    My son, Davis, (an East Nasty-to-be) for “wanting to catch daddy” crossing the line
    Many gels, many repetitions of “mile by mile, Will, mile by mile”, and many tears at the finish!

  9. Chuck says:

    Yes, and thanks to Holland’s friends “the two Beths” for a fun first 22 miles on their way to 50. Thanks also to Marci Tharan for getting me through ultra, and placing trust in me to her 60K finish.

  10. Dutch (Holland) says:

    Chuck, Marci and Will are Ultra EN stars!

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