East Nasty of the Week: Graham Stoner

Graham Stoner would not be an East Nasty if it weren’t for me.

It’s true.  I invited him in the first place.  So all you ladies swooning over his manly physique?  You’re welcome.


I met Graham when I hired him blindly off the internet to come hang things at my house (not a euphemism).  Voted Nashville’s Best Handy Man, how could I choose anyone else?  And the rest, as they say, is history – a few twists and turns later, Graham is now an unshakable member of East Nasty.

Growing up in exotic Palmyra, PA (close to Hershey), Graham was a sprinter and hurdler in high school – but that came to a close when he started school at MTSU.  In the place of running, he focused mainly on music (Graham writes funky groove tunes that will make you happy), and worked in the music business for a few years out of college.  But eventually, he seized the opportunity to work for himself – and thus was the genesis of the Handy Graham.

Last fall, Graham joined up with the East Nasties.  It took some convincing, because even though he was fast, he had never done any kind of distance running.  But as soon as he met and developed a man crush on Mark Miller, he was made a believer.  He trained for and ran a couple of half-marathons last spring, and ran them – fast – wearing pig-tails (or, okay fine, PIMP-tails).


And now, for the fun facts.  Graham can eat a ridiculous amount of Burger King.  He takes his Saturday morning cartoons very seriously, and “Harry Potter,” too.  He has a tendency to take in stray dogs – because beneath his tough-guy façade, this kid is a softy.  He uses 8) instead of 🙂 – which is either charming or creepy, I can’t decide.  He rides his motorcycle when he has the time and good weather.  He hand-crafted the most beautiful cornhole set I have ever seen.  He throws killer Guitar Hero parties, and cooks a mean meal in a crockpot.

If you want to get to know him more, you should probably hire him for help with some random house project.  Worked for me!*

Annie P. (*apparently I should write infomercials)

10 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Graham Stoner

  1. rwjones says:

    Great write up Annie P! The life and times of Graham Stoner are nothing short of inspirational!

  2. John van der Harst says:

    Them’re cool shades on smiley! Just like Gtaham.

    Seriously, while I appreciate all the clean-hands academic types in Nasty Nation, it’s also nice to talk shop with well-rounded types like Graham.

  3. JP says:

    Graham is the man. Forgot to mention he’s a killer pacer! If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve never made my 6 minute mile. Thanks Graham!

  4. Christy says:

    To the man I’ve met a thousand times… Congrats Stoner!!!

  5. Dutch says:

    JP is known to lie….and who doesn’t have a man crush on Mark Miller…..and Chuck….er, well you get the point. Being able to “hang things around the house” is always good….and maybe the cause of his 6 min mile pace to out run angry husbands and such =) 8) or &)

  6. 1. I am indeed privileged, honored and flattered to have been bestowed with such a fine feather in the old running cap.

    2. Wait – so I’m NOT a clean-hands academic type???

    3. That’s what the FIVE-minute pace is for. 8)

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