Rick’s Market – Coldest Beer in Town

Run #8.  Rick’s Market.

When: 6:00 pm

Where: Corner of 11th and Holly, East Nashville

What: 4.1 mile run followed by some time with new friends at 3 Crow.

As always, we’ll have the rescue dog of the week.  (Check out the adoptable animals at Eastcan.org), and wear your swiftwick socks because you can win a free pair if you are spotted wearing them.

Also, for you track junkies, Dathan Ritzhein just set an American record in the 5k, 12:56!!  Check out the link to see his splits (62 seconds per lap!), an interview, and a run down of the race.  Here is a video of (most of) the race, where he comes from basically off the screen to finish third and become the second fastest non-African in history.

2 Responses to Rick’s Market – Coldest Beer in Town

  1. Hunter says:

    Mark, check out this article. It very roughly estimates Bekele’s earnings over this summer running the Golden League and the World Championships.


  2. Hunter says:

    Great route! It was really tempting to make a pit stop at Ricks… Maybe you can negotiate a Tallboy pit-stop there next time like you got us a water cooler at the bar!

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