East Nasty of the Week- Alexis Hoag

Life for Alexis Hoag began in sunny Hunnington Beach, California. And even though she grew up in Surf City, U.S.A., her life would lead her away from the sandy beaches and towards the land east of the Mississippi River.


Alexis’s running career began in the 5th grade when she clocked in a 7:15 mile in PE class. According to her, from that moment she was hooked, and from that one experience she joined the middle school cross country team. In high school, she also joined the track & field team, and soccer team. For the track team she could be found running three separate events, and her fastest times were a 5:29 mile, a 11:44 2-mile, and a 2:29 800 meter, respectively.

For college, Alexis decided that she might like a little change of scenery, and following in her big sister’s footsteps, she moved from coast to coast. She ended up a small university in New Haven, Connecticut that you may have heard of called Yale. That’s right, like fellow ENOWs Aman Khapoya and David Canas , she is an Ivy Leaguer! From there she headed just a little south to New York City to get her Law degree from NYU. And thanks to her sharp mind and a local Thai restaurant on speed dial, Alexis passed the New York Bar exam last summer.

So the question usually asked is how did she end up in Nashville of all places? The answer is luck. As she prepared for the Bar, Alexis applied for a large number of internships with District judges throughout the country, and thankfully for us, the Honorable John T. Nixon of the U.S. Middle District of Tennessee picked her.

Alexis came to the East Nasties through “The Golden Child” Chuck Hargrove, when she found information on training for the Country Music Half through the East Nashville google group. Since then she has been hooked.

She finished the Country Music Half in 1:47:47, but it was not her favorite race of the year. This last June, Alexis finished 3rd in her age group at the Moon-Pie 10-miler in Bell Buckle, TN, which gives the East Nasties another medal to hang on our collective mantel.


Rod Jones

2 Responses to East Nasty of the Week- Alexis Hoag

  1. Sarah says:

    yay Alexis! Also, congrats on the big sock-drawing win last night.

  2. […] you are surrounded by avid runners who can stay at your pace without a problem. Both he, Greg, and Alexis Hoag  wore their East Nasty shirts in the race, thus representing our running group in true fashion. […]

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