East Nasty of the Week- Jenny Dew

Have you ever hung out with Dolly Parton or chatted with Regis and Kelly before they took the stage? Well this East Nasty has!


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the one and only Jenny Dew!

Jenny Dew, which is the only way to say her name because it doesn’t work just calling her “Jenny,” was born in Atlanta, Georgia. For the first couple of years the Dew’s bounced around from Georgia to Louisiana to Florida and then to Tennessee, sometimes back to the same place more than once. And it was in Franklin, TN, that the little four-year old Jenny Dew participated in her first race, the legendary Franklin Classic.

One final move for Jenny Dew put her in the Kansas City, Missouri, where she finally put her foot down to all the bouncing around.

It was in Missouri that Jenny Dew took to the Track and Field games. Not only did she run a couple of hurdles events, compete in various relays, and pole vault, but she did all of them consecutively at track meets, which made her a Pentathlon athlete. That’s 5 events in one day if you weren’t counting!

So move forward to college where Jenny Dew came to Belmont University to pursue her interest in music. That is right, back in Mizzou, Jenny Dew was known for her musical ability on the piano, her drumline perfection and through her angelic singing voice, as opposed to Nashville where she is simply known as Jenny Dew the runner. Her studies led her into the music/tv production world, which in turn gave her the opportunity to intern for the Live with Regis and Kelly Show.

On her second day of the job she had to walk Don “the Donald” Trump to the green room before he was interviewed. Well, since she was still a little new to the back hallways of the show, she accidentally got turned around and Trump said to her (in true New York accent) “Jenny come on. What’s going on now. You’re getting me lost here!” Then he pointed at her and said, “You’re FIRED!”

Okay, so I made that last part up, but the rest of it is true!

So now she works as a TV producer for GAC right in the heart of Music Row. If they sing country music and they have been on channel 31 in the past 4 years, chances are that Jenny Dew has met them. Ironically though, Jenny Dew does not have cable herself, even though she is a cable TV producer. Video of this feat was actually covered recently on News Channel 5.

When not working for the weekend, she can be found hanging out with her two dogs Ellie and Lady. Both are sweet as can be, but poor Lady can’t go on too many long runs because she is, as Jenny Dew put it “short and stumpy.” Ellie on the other hand has more energy than Drew Jones on a case of Red Bull. In fact, running with her dogs has led Jenny Dew to start up her own private company that teaches dogs how to stay obedient while running and helps the dogs build up mileage for longer and longer runs.

girls and jenny

So keep an eye out for THE Jenny Dew, it is hard to miss her big smile.

-Rod Jones

8 Responses to East Nasty of the Week- Jenny Dew

  1. Erin says:

    Yay Jenny Dew! That’s all 🙂

  2. Erin says:

    Oh yeah, and fun interview Rod 🙂

  3. Chuck says:

    Yet another Belmont grad shines as ENOW.

  4. jp says:

    Nice article and what a great ENOW!

  5. Jenny dew says:

    AHH! thanks JP!

  6. Amy Ows says:

    What a hottie! 🙂 The Trump story is too funny and from now on you will always be “The Pentathlete” (like what Michael Myers as his dad in So I Married an Axe Murderer says, the pentaverate – see the link). My friend rocks!

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  8. […] several East Nasties had a chance to help coach! Jenny Dew, Stoner and Jay Tift volunteered hours of their free time to aid these fledgling track stars. […]

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