Wednesday July 29

Tonight we are going back into Shelby Park for run #2.  Check it out at the bottom of the blog.  Note: for those of you who join us at 3Crow, which should be all of you of legal age, remember to bring your ID!

Sunday – Hargrove the magnificent is in charge of this week’s long run, and he has decided to join the striders for their marathon training series.  So once again the Nasties will take over the Striders.

Details: 6:00 a.m. (yes, that’s 6 a.m.) from the Stone Gates at Percy Warner Park.  16 miles total, split into 12 miles (Radnor Lake and back) and 4 miles (out and back on Belle Meade blvd).

Here is a listing of all of the striders’ marathon training runs.

See you tonight!


One Response to Wednesday July 29

  1. Chuck says:

    Can I put some of these flattering adjectives on my resume? Drew Jones calls me a legend. Miller classifies me as magnificent. Road races list me as masters or Clydesdale. You can call me anything but late to dinner.

    Sorry to those who wanted to relive my high school running days at Edwin Warner Park and Bellevue neighborhood via Sunday’s run. Your heart will go on.

    Have fun with the Striders.

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