Steve McNair

This week our route will give the East Nasties a chance to pay their respects to Steve McNair.  Run #5 takes us down Fatherland, past the stadium and over the walking bridge, up 1st avenue and back on Woodland.


Where: 11th and Holly, East Nashville

When: 6:00 p.m.

What: 4.31 mile route, optional 2-mile add-on, happy hour at 3 Crow

Speaking of 3 Crow…

Last week you may have noticed that there was an igloo cooler up at 3 Crow Bar.  That water was placed there for us.   (They were running out of pint glasses with an influx of 50 people asking for water!!!)   So be sure to get water from the cooler, and thank the staff when you have a chance.

Speaking of the 3 Crow staff, be sure to tip well.  I feel sorry for the servers who are in charge of the patio, and am pretty amazed that they can keep all the orders straight!   (Or mostly straight…)  Take it from someone who has been involved with food service, that is not an easy task.

See you tonight!


4 Responses to Steve McNair

  1. Sarah says:

    Speaking of the 3 Crow staff and patio – I’ve been ordering my beer inside at the bar. Should I be waiting to order from a server outside?

  2. Jacklyn Johnston says:

    I just moved to East Nashville and heard about the group. Is it ok if I join tonight? I’m not sure how this works 🙂 Thanks!

  3. eastnasty says:

    Yes! Just show up, this is not an exclusive club; if you run, you are welcome to come join us! Before you come, click on the run at the bottom of the blog. (We are doing run #5)

  4. eastnasty says:

    That doesn’t matter; order from the bar or from the waitress. Honestly, it is probably quicker to go to the bar…

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