Wednesday 6/24

Wednesday: Run #3.  My favorite!

Where: 11th and Holly, East Nashville

When: 6:00 p.m.

What: A fun run and some good company.


This Wednesday East Nasty makes their commercial debut (literally) as we help advertise the Tomato Festival 5k.  How?  Here’s the deal: before we start the normal run on Wednesday, the East Nasty crew is going to be a part of a TV commercial promoting the Tomato Festival 5k!  The producers need a couple shots of us circling the 5 points area, and they want to shoot it right at 6:10. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take too long; we’ll finish the scheduled run and be at 3 Crow before you know it!  

What do you need to do?  Two things: 1) SHOW UP (even you folks who hate the heat…ahem…you know who you are…) and 2) Wear your East Nasty gear! That’s it!

This should be fun!  Remember, let’s keep making Wednesday nights friendly and  unintimidating to runners of all levels.  If someone looks new, introduce yourself, and make sure that they don’t get lost during the run!  If you are new, there are runners of all ability levels who come on Wednesday nights.  So come join us for a great run and the best post-run social hour in Nashville!


3 Responses to Wednesday 6/24

  1. Poag says:


  2. Amy Ow says:

    will have my east nasty in full effect!

  3. JP says:

    Guys, here’s the info on the 5k this weekend. Let me know if you’re going and if you’re interested in a carpool.

    Fellow East Nasties – I’m doing the 5k ‘Run for Ella’ in my hometown of Fayetteville this Saturday and would like to invite all of you to join me.

    I’ll likely go down Friday evening but some folks may just come down early Saturday morning. I know it’s a long way (about 1.5 hours) for just a 5k but it’s for a great cause and I think it’s the only race in Fayetteville! So you may have a good chance to win your age group! (if you’re male 30-34 and faster than me, then you can stay in nashville… just kidding).

    I’d love to have a lot of people show.

    FYI: Ella is a 6 year old girl seriously injured in an accident about 2 months ago. This is a race to help her and family while she recovers.

    My parents know Ella’s father and asked me to do this race and you can read about her story and the run here:

    I hope you can make it…


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