Sunday Run, Tomato Festival

Sunday’s Run

There are Greenways other than Shelby Bottoms?  Is it safe to run in West Nashville?  Will I ever see Annie Parsons again?  The answer to all of these questions can be found this Sunday at East Nasty’s Summer Long run. This week’s run will start at Centennial Park, circle the greenway on McCabe Golf Course and retrace our steps.  The total mileage is about 8.2.  Remember to bring your own water!   

NOTICE:  To avoid the heat, the time has been changed to 7:30.  

Tomato Festival 5k

This year, East Nasty is an official sponsor of the Tomato Festival 5k.  Tomato Festival?  For you non-Eastsiders; East Nashville plays host to a tomato festival on August 8th complete with music, artisans, a bloody mary competition and most importantly, a 5k road race!    Our goal is over 1,000 runners,  which means that East Nasty needs a strong showing!  Register here, but also convince your family, friends and co-workers to run with us on August 8th.  

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to Sunday Run, Tomato Festival

  1. JP says:

    I’ll be at the tomato festival 5k… crawling out of bed 5 minutes prior to the start.

    and there may be a blazer involved… stay tuned.

  2. JP says:

    Hey fellow East Nasties – I’m doing the 5k ‘Run for Ella’ in my hometown of Fayetteville this Saturday and would like to invite all of you to join me.

    I’ll likely go down Friday evening but some folks may just come down early Saturday morning. I know it’s a long way (about 1.5 hours) for just a 5k but it’s for a great cause and I think it’s the only race in Fayetteville! My parents know Ella’s father and asked me to do this race and you can read about her story and the run here:

    Mark – I’d like to mention this at our Wednesday run.


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