East Nasty of the Week – Erica Tober

If the East Nasties had a Homecoming Queen, it would be Erica Tober.  This girl is enthusiastic and effusive, a great cheerleader, friendly and outgoing, and pretty.  See?  Erica, I hereby crown you.

Spending the majority of her childhood in San Francisco, the move to Atlanta during high school was probably about as fun as licking the sidewalk.  But she made the best of it, becoming a competitive swimmer and a more casual member of the high school track team.

College brought her to Vanderbilt, where she studied communications and ran on her own, but only for fun and fitness.  She trained for the Atlanta Half-Marathon by herself, but backed out at the last minute – because honestly, who would want to run a race alone?*  The next year, she trained for the Country Music Half, only to develop severe tendonitis in her ankle and wind up in 3 months of physical therapy.

But 2009 was her year, and after training with the East Nasties since last September, Erica completed totally rocked her first half-marathon last month.  And she calls it the best decision she’s ever made, tied with…

Adopting Cody the dog!  Cody was very surprised to win third place in the Purity Dairy Dash, but the medal don’t lie.


When Erica isn’t at her job doing marketing for Village Real Estate, or running, or hanging out with Cody, she is probably cooking or reading – two of her favorite things.  She has also helped put together an East Nasty team for the Bourbon Chase relay in October – if you’re interested in being an alternate, or driving a team van (finally, something my style), let her know!

Annie P.

*Oh, hello, casual passerby of this blog.  You are invited to run with the East Nasties!

3 Responses to East Nasty of the Week – Erica Tober

  1. Erica Tober says:

    So Annie, does that mean you are in to drive the van??? : )

  2. Margaret says:

    Congrats on being ENOW, Erica!!!

  3. […] with fellow East Nasties, but it has been worth it! Early on Cary began training with Ian White, Erica Tober, and Matt Wright, and once it came time for the 2010 Country Music Half Marathon it was no surprise […]

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