Drumroll, please…

Are you ready for your universe to be tilted?  And not just in a “previously on Lost” kind of way, but in a “you mean to tell me the Konami code works on Facebook?” kind of way… pure awesomeness.

Well then, my little duckies.  Mark your calendars – next week will mark the triumphant return of Annie’s East Nasty of the Week profiles!

Why did they disappear in the first place?  Because Annie is a lazy bones, and has been running one time since the half-marathon.  She went 3 miles, and quit halfway up the last hill.  Instead, her evenings have been filled with things like going to the Belcourt by herself, and watching documentaries about the Amish on her laptop, and learning how to cook something called pork butt.

But never fear – Mark Miller has staged an intervention, and is pulling her back into the East Nasty fold.  She does not promise that she can still run more than a mile, and she reserves the right to skip out on nights when the temperature rises above 85 degrees.  To you Fasty Nasties, she says, “Fly – fly like those geese who followed Anna Paquin and Jeff Daniels in their homemade airplanes in the live-action Disney family feature, ‘Fly Away Home,’” and she will bring up the rear.

Not to be confused with pork butt.

So lift up your heads.  Look to the horizon.  Like a phoenix from the ashes, or Jesus from the tomb, or the sun in the east, or Chris Brown’s hand to Rihanna, the ENOW will rise again.

(All this to say… Annie – who, yes, wrote this – will be back next week, ready to pounce on some unsuspecting soul.)

One Response to Drumroll, please…

  1. […] And two more nubbins: –    I fly to Seattle tonight. –    My East Nasty of the Week column will be resurrected next week. […]

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