Wednesday 4/8/09: Llamas with Hats

This Wednesday for the East Nasties is Run #4.  This Wednesday for coach Miller (that’s me when I’m at school) is a track meet. Hargrove and Drew will be around to get everbody started – but you may want to check out the map before the run just in case.

“Track Meet?” you ask.   I’m a high school track coach and teacher. ( I teach math; in fact I consider myself more of a teacher than a coach.)  So even though track meets occasionally disrupt my evening plans (they last forever – it probably won’t end until 8:30), every fall and spring afternoon I get paid to hang out with kids and run, so I’m not complaining!

Now many of you are thinking “I couldn’t be paid enough to be surrounded by 14-19 year olds all day long”.  And while there are some things that are annoying about that age, there is also a lot to enjoy.  Starting with this: high school boys want to make everything fun, and that includes running.  A 10 mile run with adults may include conversations about work, the state of the economy or the most recent running injury; a 10-mile run with teenage boys includes lots of Monty Python quotes,  acting out llamas with hats and other bizarre Youtube cartoons (google Charlie the Unicorn) or quoting Star Wars while jumping through “portals” and making Chewbacca sounds.  Oh yes, and girls – there’s always a lot of talk about girls.   A workout with adults includes heart rate monitors and technical clothes; at school, our workouts always end with shirts off (regardless of temperature) and the last interval is always run as hard as possible.

So in that spirit, enjoy not only this run, but the chance to make it fun!  It’s not a chance to talk about the world’s problems and get in better shape, it’s a chance to quote Dumb and Dumber and laugh with each other for 45 minutes… Run fast if you want to, or slow down and chat with your friends.  Just have fun!

Remember, bring a change of clothes for 3 Crow -and I hope to meet you there later on to claim my winnings!


6 Responses to Wednesday 4/8/09: Llamas with Hats

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have officially watched llamas with hats 5 times now (unofficially more like 7) and think I have sustained permanent abdominal injuries. If you would like to act out llamas with hats with me tomorrow, I run between a 9:30 and 10:15 pace – it all depends on how many times you stab me in the chest. Once we’re tired of that skit, we can move on to singing the theme of Planet Unicorn in two-part harmony (

    Thanks for the reminder, Mark. Running – when nothing is actually chasing you – is downright comical. And should therefore be made more fun.


  2. JP says:

    Llamas with hats!! That is freakin hilarious.

  3. Margaret says:

    Oh man Llamas with Hats is too funny! Charlie the Unicorn is creepy!!

  4. Hunter says:

    Here’s another quotable short. It’s about the end of the world! WTF mate?!

  5. Jenny says:

    there were a few monty python quotes (JP and Amy) during the extra 2 last night! I’d say we had fun!!!

  6. AmyOw says:

    yea! llamas without hats, kinda funny (i.e. Tina from napoleon dynamite). Llamas with hats, super funny (thanks Mark) and JP helping distract us from the +2. Good times! glad to have “the dewster” back.

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