Wednesday 4/1/09

Well, I forgot to update the blog saying that the shirt ordering has been postponed until this Thursday.  Sorry!  But, I do appreciate all of you guys actually listening to the directions and posting your orders on the blog!  (I’m a high school teacher so I’m not used to people actually following directions…)

Bottom line: The shirts should be in this Wednesday so we can try them on before we order.  

The East Nasty Board of directors has been reviewing the polling data that we have been receiving on each of the runs, so keep voting.  The runs have been getting pretty good marks if I do say so myself!  Also this Wednesday, Drew should have an update on the East Nasty “for entertainment purposes only” Bracket Challenge.  

See you on Wednesday!  


PS  If you are new to the East Nasty group – be sure that you bring a change of clothes and join us at 3 Crow for a post-run beverage!

One Response to Wednesday 4/1/09

  1. Mary Frances Parker says:

    I’m really excited…tonight will be my third time running with the East Nasty group. It is 8:45 a.m. and I am already looking forward to our run. See you tonight. MF

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