Wednesday – 3-11-09 Rainout?? No way!

East Nasty may have their first rainy run, but it’s not a rainout because East Nasty is never rained out!

Seriously, running in the rain is fun.  The hard part is getting started, once you get going – running is no big deal.  But here are a couple of tips:

1) Wear a baseball cap.  Hats help keep the water out of your eyes, especially if it is raining hard.

2) Bring a change of clothes.  Once you stop running, you body temperature will plummet if you are soaking wet.

3) Dry your shoes with newspaper.  Here’s how it works: take the insoles out of your shoes – cram your shoes full of newspaper – let them sit overnight and tada: dry shoes in the morning.

We are finishing our running circuit with Run #6 – which takes us to the other side of Shleby Park to Riverside,  down Porter/Eastland and back in on 12th.

See you tomorrow!


3 Responses to Wednesday – 3-11-09 Rainout?? No way!

  1. Hunter says:

    Whoa! Don’t scare people away just yet Mark. I checked the weather, hopefully that storm will blow through! Timely tips for the rainy weather this weekend though!

  2. Shauna says:

    Are the newbies still welcome? If so, I’d like to join the group for the run! Is it still 6pm? Are dogs allowed?


  3. eastnasty says:

    Newbies are always welcome! Of course, dogs are allowed, it’s East Nashville! 🙂

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