East Nasty of the Week – David Cañas

Nasties, meet David Cañas, a commercial litigation and bankruptcy attorney, and a dedicated runner.


See his reflective gear? He’s legit.

David grew up in the Nashville area, went to Antioch High School where he played tennis, and after a brief stint at Yale, finished his education back here at Vanderbilt. He started running in January of 2007, and began by running 5K’s but 2008 brought two half-marathons for him (Nashville and San Antonio). Now, training is a priority his main hobby and the challenge lies in balancing it with a busy family life and career.

If given the choice, he would take 6 months in Europe over 10 minutes on the moon (which, duh – I totally agree). When Mark Miller asked him how many crazed and rabid 5-year olds he thinks he could take on and fight, he responded with a wise, “No comment.”

What a good lawyer.

Annie P.

6 Responses to East Nasty of the Week – David Cañas

  1. Chuck says:

    David, congratulations on attaining this title “East Nasty of the Week”. The crown is heavy, the burdens are great, the reign is rewarding.

  2. Polly says:

    We will be able to say we knew you when…haha

  3. Ann says:

    David who?

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