East Nasty of the Week – Julie Curtis

Ladies and gentlemen, runners and trotters and plodders, allow me to introduce to you one of my favorite humans, MY ROOMMATE, Julie Curtis.

One of the greatest perks about living with me (besides having everyday access to my sunshine and sparkles and unprecedented wit) is the fact that when you are the East Nasty of the Week, I go through your Facebook pictures and find my favorite one. No sweaty post-run picture for this pretty girl!

Growing up in Manhattan, KS, Julie was always a runner – although she rarely ran for longer than 8 seconds. A sprinter and hurdler, her main event was the 400 meter hurdles when she ran for Texas Christian University. She’s incredibly modest about her achievements, but trust me: as a white girl from Kansas, she did just fine.

When asked why she is making the switch to distance running, she says that she wants to take on the challenge of doing something that she doesn’t think she can do. But having been running with the East Nasties only since October, she is already rocking it.

Julie moved to Nashville in August of 2007, when she started nursing school at Belmont. She graduated from the program last month, and is ready to start her job at Vanderbilt Medical Center at the end of January. In the meantime, she is prepping for the board exams, being the world’s greatest friend to many, and cooking me eggs in the morning.

-Annie P.

2 Responses to East Nasty of the Week – Julie Curtis

  1. Chuck says:

    Congratulations on a better pick than that first East Nasty of the Week. What a loser he was.

  2. Caleb Doll says:

    I just made my first run w/ you guys last night and coincidentally, I’m from Manhattan, Kansas! Well, just outside (Westmoreland). Crazy world …

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