ENOW: Rich Alexander

April 7, 2014
Before his first 5K

Before his first 5K

Our newest East Nasty of the Week (ENOW) hails from Rutherford County, is married to a former ENOW, and has a cat named after a popular late-nineties television show.  Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Rich Alexander!

Rich considers himself a Nashville native although he grew up in LaVergne, TN.  Sports weren’t really his thing, but he spent a lot of time at football games playing trombone in high school and college marching bands.  He went on to become an all state trombonist.

Rich advertising for a senior recital in college

Rich advertising for a senior recital in college

Rich attended Middle Tennessee State University on a full scholarship for music and earned a degree in Music Education specializing in classic trombone.  Half of his college life was spent in practice rooms in the Music building at MTSU and the rest involved hanging out with friends and performing at various venues.  His most exciting performance experience and brush with greatness came in his senior year when he got to go on tour with the Jordanaires, Elvis Presley’s former back-up band.

Rich works as a computer programmer for Schnieder Electric, an energy management company, where he leads a team that develops software to monitor power usage for large commercial entities like Vanderbilt, manufacturing plants, etc.  He gets to travel a lot and has been to many countries, including China, Dubai, Canada, Czech Republic, France and Germany.

Running his first 5K

Running his first 5K

Rich started running about 3 years ago via the East Nasty Couch to 5K program.  His biggest accomplishment is running the Music City Half Marathon after having only been running for 6 months.  He’s a retired half marathoner now and typically sets his sights on running a “fast 5k”.  His goal this year is to break a 20 minute 5K time.

Rich learned about East Nasty through his wife, and fellow ENOW, Polly Alexander and started running with us after being a “running widower” as Polly headed off on her half marathon trips and adventures.  His most memorable East Nasty experience is completing The Nasty after having only been running for a few months.

Rich and Polly, spring 2014

Rich and Polly, spring 2014

As a person who loves his neighborhood and the awesome vibe over in East Nashville, the thing Rich loves most about East Nasty is how much EN has added to the community feeling in East Nashville and in many ways has contributed to the neighborhood improvement over the past 10 years.

Rich says, “East Nasty provides a safe, positive environment for runners and has encouraged many west siders to cross the river and experience everything we have to offer.  This has only enriched the neighborhood and made us the awesome community that we are today.”

Woodford, Buffy and Jessica

Woodford, Buffy and Jessica

In his spare time, Rich enjoys listening to live music, eating at new restaurants, and hanging out with his wife and their 3 kitties: Woodford, Buffy and Jessica.

Rich, good luck on that sub-20 5K time!  Congrats and welcome to the ENOW club!

Spring Shirts

April 6, 2014

Spring Shirts on Sale!

Our spring technical shirts are posted.   This year, our shirts are from Mizuno.   Women have their choice of a technical SS shirt ($23) or tank ($33).   We only have a technical SS shirt for the men ($23).

Here is the rub: we have a very short order window.   Shirts must be pre-ordered through our web site, and we are going to place the order on Thursday morning at 10 a.m.   There will be a size run available to try on at Nashville Running Company on Monday through Wednesday.   Alternatively, you can also try them on after our Wednesday night run.

Click here to visit our store, and show your East Nasty pride during your 2014 races!

Week 14 – Half and Full Marathon Training

April 4, 2014
There are only two weeks left of long training runs after this week. That sneaked up on me.
Let’s go make the best of this important workout!
Meet at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center parking lot
Full Marathoners: 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners: 8:00am Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners:
  • Advanced – 4 Loops of the 5k route
  • Standard – 3 Loops of the 5k route
(map of the 5k course: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/348037449)
Full Marathoners:
  • 20 miles, all easy, just run. We won’t meet back up with the half marathoners.
Here’s a map of the route:  http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/384486200
There will be some water/gatorade on the course, but bring your own water/gatorade and nutrition for in-between. 
*Also after the run, Results Physiotherapy will be there to check out any lingering issues you may have with running injuries.
Don’t forget about: 
  • Last Brunch of the season at Lauren Caswell’s on the 20th (in two weeks!)
  • Post-race party the 26th at East Pavilion at Fatherland and 11th – Edley’s, Yazoo, and good times from 6pm-10pm
See you this weekend, and as always, ENFL!!

Wednesday, April 2: NRC pint night

April 1, 2014

The return of Drew Jones

April 2.  6 a.m. or 6 p.m.

Run #1

Run #1: One Hilly 5k


After the run, stick around because it is NRC’s monthly pint night.

Thursday Workout

Can you believe that there are only 4 more Thursdays before Country Music?   And really this week is the last hard workout:   3 x 1 mile at 5k pace.     After this week, our workouts are at goal pace.

Thursday, 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Post Race Celebration

Each year, East Nasty has three big celebrations.  Our annual Christmas party (because it’s Christmas…), the Tomato Fest 5k (because we train 150+ people to run their first 5k) and our post-marathon party.   So whether you are running or not on April 26, plan on joining us that night from 6 – 10 p.m. down the street at  Pavilion East (11th and Fatherland – we run by it all the time)   Edleys, Yazoo and fellow East Nasties.  What more could you ask for!




ENOW: Grace Gibson

March 31, 2014
Country Music Half Marathon, April 2013

Country Music Half Marathon, April 2013

This week’s East Nasty of the Week (ENOW) started running with us in 2012, has two dogs, loves bootcamp & plays drums in a band (!!).  Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Grace Gibson!

Grace was born in Laurinburg, NC.  Growing up, she was a tomboy.  She went to summer camp 4th through 9th grade, where she was introduced to the outdoors and adventure sports, like rock climbing, canoeing, caving, and hiking.

Grace graduated from Clemson University in South Carolina with a BA in Graphic Communications and a minor in Business.  She moved to Nashville after college for her job.  She works as an account manager for RR Donnelley, a global communications services provider.

Bootcamp Girls

Bootcamp Girls

Grace’s first (failed) attempt at running was in 2010.  She started a couch-to-5k program on her own.  Her only goal for the 5k was to complete it without walking, which she did in 38:38. The experience was so miserable that she didn’t put on her running shoes again for nearly 2 years.

Her second (successful) attempt was in 2012.  Grace had started a bootcamp class in the spring of 2011. The class started off with a 1-2 mile run. She was overweight and out of shape, so she walked on the track upstairs while the class ran outside.  Grace never had any aspirations of becoming a “runner”, she just wanted to be able to run the 1-2 mile warm-up with the rest of the group.  Famous last words…

Once she was able to run the 1-2 mile warm-up, she started running farther and farther. Friends from bootcamp kept talking her into running races. By August 2012, she ran a sub-30 Tomato 5k (her first race since 2010), followed by the Shelby Bottoms Boogie and Viva La Diva.

Birthday Marathon, December 2013

Birthday Marathon, December 2013

Grace trained for her first half with East Nasty last year. In the spring of 2013, she ran 3 half marathons in around a month-and-a-half period:  Oak Barrel, Country Music, and Scenic City Trail in Chattanooga. By this time, running felt great and the bootcamp girls talked her into her first marathon, St. Jude, which ended up getting cancelled, but she was able to run her first marathon a week later, on her birthday, no less!

Misty Adfield, East Park bootcamp instructor & East Nasty member says:  “Grace is a trainers dream client. She is determined and dedicated to her training, and the hard work it takes to accomplish goals and better herself. Everyday she is inspiring others around her to do the same. She is a loyal friend, and the definition of motivation. Congrats Grace!”

Sticking with it is Grace’s biggest accomplishment in running. She says that running, especially distance running, is a sport that she never thought she’d have the stamina to do.  She is most proud of her half marathon PR last spring in 1:52:10 because she trained the hardest and most consistently for it and it paid off — exceeding her goal of finishing in under 2 hours.

Scenic City Trail Half Marathon with Donica and Jewly, May 2013

Scenic City Trail Half Marathon with Donica and Jewly, May 2013

Grace has lived in East Nashville since 2009 and became aware of East Nasty from the bumper stickers and occasionally driving home from work through the sea of runners on Wednesday nights.  She started running with us last spring as part of the CM half training. Kim Stokes-Lanier was a major influence in turning Grace into a runner. Kim, a fellow bootcamper, would run with Grace in her early slow days of running outside.

Fellow ENOW, Kim Stokes-Lanier nominated Grace for ENOW and has this to say:  “I first met Grace at the East Park bootcamp during a warm-up run.  She claimed she wasn’t a runner, but asked a lot of questions about running & training during those early morning runs.  Needless to say, she signed up for East Nasty CM half training with the 2:15 group and NRC track workouts (ha! She’s a Fasty!).  Now she’s the 2:15 Saturday pace leader for CM half training and helps out on Thursday night workouts.  Yep, that’s Grace- quietly, unassumingly encouraging and helping others… but you should know that she’s also in a BAND (ha, wouldn’t a guessed that one!).  And I’m sure she’s got a lot of other tricks up her sleeves that hopefully she’ll continue to reveal to the world because the world really needs a lot more people like Grace Gibson!”

Bier Girls, October 2012

Bier Girls, October 2012

Never having to run a long run alone is what Grace enjoys most about East Nasty.  Knowing she has a group of people to share in the pleasure, or the pain, of the run at hand makes getting the miles in easier and more enjoyable.  Grace says, “The solidarity of the East Nasties is really amazing. There is such a special camaraderie that exists within this group that I have never experienced anywhere else. You won’t meet a nicer and more welcoming group of people — regardless of how fast you are, how often you run, how long you’ve been running, or what you do in your life outside of running.”

Grace’s most memorable East Nasty experience took place a few weeks ago when she got sick during the Thursday night speed session and broke off from the group. When she finally made it back to the yellow house, she found that most of the group was waiting on her and a few had even doubled back to search for her. While she felt horrible that so many people were waiting around, it was amazing to know that they had her back. No runner left behind!

Summer vacation with the boys

Summer vacation with the boys

When Grace isn’t running, or writing the world’s longest ENOW post, she enjoys going to concerts, playing the drums with Carbon Copy, backpacking, traveling, and otherwise gallivanting around with her boyfriend Jeff and dogs Jake and Tobias.

Congrats, Grace!  Welcome to the ENOW club!

Week 13 – Country Music Marathon and Half Training

March 28, 2014

Weekend workouts!

Be sure to read below as Saturday and Sunday are different this weekend. However, the half and full workouts are identical (unless you’re really craving running 20 miles, which you are more than welcome to do). Since you’ll be running the race distance, the pace should be very easy. Just cover the miles and visualize how awesome it will be race day to show off your skillz. Yep. With all your East Nasty friends.


Everyone meets at 8am Saturday: 
Marathon and Half marathon training

Starting at East Park - 600 Woodland St. (Saturday Only) meet in the playground area

Standard plan: 14 miles (the half course plus a little to and from east park)
Advanced plan: 16 miles (the 14 plus 2 extra in East Nash)


Everyone meets at 8am Sunday:
Marathon and half marathon training.


We’ll still meet at the same spot as last week – Lot R at LP field (Sunday Only)

Standard Plan: 14 miles (Warm-up around the stadium, then run the entire half course)

Advanced Plan: 16 miles


Coming up soon!

1. Brunch is happening again after the run on the 20th and will be our final brunch of the season. Be inviting your fellow runners, thinking of food to bring, have one last injury check-up, and talk race-day strategy.

2. Pre-race group dinner. Details are still in the works. This will be Thursday the 24th.

3. We have a really awesome after-party planned the night of the race, April 26th! It will be at East Pavilion again this year at Fatherland and 11th. EVERYONE is invited – so bring those coming into town to race, spectator friends, and yes, East Nasties who didn’t run the half or the full (I know, they exist). There will be Yazoo Beer, Edley’s BBQ, and more! Yowzah! We will have a rocking time, and it stands as one of my favorite events of the year.

See you this weekend! ENFL!!


Wednesday , March 26

March 25, 2014

Even though it’s hard to tell, we’re 12 weeks into 2014.  That means a couple of things: (1) It shouldn’t be snowing, (2) The Country Music Half is right around the corner and (3) It’s time to run The Nasty.

The Nasty

This is a great run that takes us through the “Rolling Acres” neighborhood of East Nashville.

6 a.m. or 6 p.m at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Important: Right after the 2 mile mark (this is rolling acres by the way…), we turn left onto Eastland from Skyview.   Make sure that you stop at that intersection, and cross to the North side of the Eastland to run on the sidewalk.

Post Race Party

April 26th is a big day for Nashville runners: Country Music Half/Full Race Day.   It is a great day of running, water stops, and celebrating.   There’s going to be a waterstop/yard party somewhere around the 19 mile mark (more details later), and that night is East Nasty’s annual post race bash.    We’ve rented out The Pavilion East on Fatherland and 11th for our yearly celebration.   You’ll get more details later (think: 7  p.m.,Edley’s BBQ, and Yazoo…), and whether you run the race or not, put this event on your calendar.

Weekend Long Run

Speaking of the half marathon…this Saturday or Sunday our training groups are running the entire half marathon course.   (The advanced group will continue on and complete 16 miles)  Just like Wednesdays, our weekend long runs are free and open to anyone.   So if you are looking to run the new course before race day, plan on joining us either day at 8 a.m. at the base of the pedestrian bridge.  (By LP field)

Thursday Workout

6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.   This is how you get faster.

Mexican Anyone?

If you’re going to come to East Nashville to run, we encourage you to stick around and enjoy the neighborhood.   3 Crow offers 2-4-1 beers of course, the Pizza at Five Points is great, in the summer I Dream of Weenie offers specials for East Nasties and now the new Five Points Cocina Mexicana is offering $2.99 margaritas and buy one get one free numbered meal combos for any East Nasty on Wednesday nights.   Just tell them your an East Nasty, and enjoy a great deal on some great food.


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