Extra Hoodies Available!

December 23, 2014

We have a handful of extra hoodies available for purchase at Nashville Running Company in East Nashville! $36 cash or check. Bandanas too for $7. NRC is open until 7pm tonight! Closed tomorrow through Friday. Open again on Saturday 9am-6pm. First come, first served!


Christmas Eve…2 p.m.

December 23, 2014

Question: Is East Nasty meeting on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve?

Answer: YES!   But not at 6 p.m.   A lot of people have Christmas Eve plans, and most everyone (except us parents of toddlers…) have New Year’s Eve plans.

Our Christmas Eve run will be at 2 p.m.   Same location (11th and Holly in East Nashville), and the route is TBD.   We’ll announce the time of our NYE run next week.   But assume it will be at a similar time.

Merry Christmas!

ENOW: Lindsey Jeltes

December 22, 2014

It seems that East Nasty newcomers come to find us by one of two ways- word of mouth or The Google. After moving to East Nashville, this week’s East Nasty of the Week just so happened to enter “Nashville Running Club” into Google and has been running with us since June 2013. Allow me to introduce Lindsey Jeltes!

Lindsey with Brian, Mindy, and Joanna after the Tomato Arts 5k

Lindsey with Brian, Mindy, and Joanna after the Tomato Arts 5k


As an active child growing up in Northern New Jersey, Lindsey was involved with soccer, basketball, cheerleading, and softball. Eventually Lindsey realized she wasn’t a fan of hot summer days and polyester softball pants, so she traded the softball field for the track. With the gentle nudge of a coach she realized she was much better suited for distance races than sprints and she ultimately became a pretty fast miler and even helped her team to a 3rd place finish in a large invitational meet in California. Lindsey ran the anchor leg of the distance medley relay which is a 1200, 400, 800, and 1600. She ran a 5:05 mile and helped to set a new school record for the event!!! After successfully running cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track in high school it’s no surprise that Lindsey was recruited to run at the University New Hampshire.

University of New Hampshire Cross Country team

University of New Hampshire Cross Country team

While at the University of New Hampshire Lindsey was a glutton for punishment. To get her workouts in and complete her nursing major course work, Lindsey would often get up at 4 AM and sometimes her day was not done until 2 M. Talk about dedication!

After college Lindsey wasn’t ever sure she would race again, however after persuasion from fellow East Nasties Matthew Drewes and Margaret Jones, she signed up for the Country Music Half Marathon this year, just two days before the race!

Lindsey with Matt and Margaret at the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon

Lindsey with Matt and Margaret at the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon

In addition to running Lindsey also enjoys traveling, backpacking/hiking, kayaking, and wakeboarding in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Lindsey backpacking with fellow East Nasties Brian Johnson and Mindy Roche

Lindsey backpacking with fellow East Nasties Brian Johnson and Mindy Roche

Lindsey vowed there were two things she would never do- move inland and move South. But when she was accepted to Vanderbilt’s Nursing Residency Program, she found herself in the South and hundreds of miles away from the closest ocean. Lindsey we are so glad you broke your promise. I swear, the Cumberland is just like the Atlantic (sort of!). Congratulations East Nasty of the Week!

Wednesday, December 17th

December 17, 2014

Christmas Lights…

This week is run #7.  (We’ll start with run #1 the first Wednesday in January.)   We chose this route because there are some cool Christmas light displays in Little Hollywood…

See you at 6 p.m. in East Nashville at the corner of 11th and Holly.

#7 Little Hollywood

Half/Full Training

Our free half/full marathon training is right around the corner.  Our first training session is on Saturday, January 3 at 8 am in Shelby Park.  (By the nature center.)  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the program, and sign up for our weekly emails.

Half/Full Marathon Discount

December 12, 2014

The country music marathon is an amazing experience, but it’s expensive.  It’s important to (1) sign up early and (2) take advantage of any discount codes.   After December 31st, the price goes up by $20, and this weekend there is a $13 discount code.    So you need to go online this weekend and sign up.  Use the code LUCKY13 to get the $13 discount.  (With the discount, it ends up being around $100)  While you’re at it, sign up for our training program.  (Our training is free…)

Have a great weekend!  Get out and enjoy this great weather.


LAST CALL for Hoodies! Order by NOON TODAY!

December 11, 2014

Ordering will close at NOON TODAY Thursday December 11th. You must order before then! ORDER ONLINE NOW! 

We have unisex hoodies for adults in red and grey, and for the first time we are offering hoodies for Youth and Toddlers! We also have bandanas available for you or your pup! Adult hoodies can be tried on at Nashville Running Company in East Nashville.

If you have any questions, contact Duane at: duane@eastnastyforlife.com

Hoodie_Adult_Grey_logoHoodie_Adult_Red_logo Hoodie_Kids_logo Hoodie_Youth_logoBandana

December 10th, Christmas Party

December 10, 2014


Christmas Party 2014

Every year, East Nasty hosts a Christmas gathering to celebrate the past year, and look forward to the new one.   Wednesday night, we’ll have our normal run (it’s route #1 which is only 5k), then everyone is invited down the street to 1306 Woodland (this is where Phil and Gretchen Zimmerman live).  We’ll have soup (white chicken chili and a vegan butternut squash), beer and desserts.  We’ll also have some East Nasty gear for sale, and some hoodies to try on (if you want to order one.)   All we ask is that you bring $10 (this allows us to renew our membership with the Road Runners Club of America, and helps offset some of our other costs…)   Everyone is welcome, and if you can’t make the run that night or even if you forget your $10.   Just join us at the party which will start right after the run.

The Run

Just a nice quick 5k run to warm us up before the Christmas Party.

Run #1: One Hilly 5kFull/Half Marathon Training

Our half/full marathon training is just around the corner!  Our first meeting is on Saturday January 3rd at 8 am at Shelby Park.  Here are more details.  Please take a moment to sign up if you want to join us.  It’s free, and signing up just puts you on our email list – it doesn’t commit you to anything.

See you tonight!



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