Wednesday, September 24

September 23, 2014

Run #2

Round the lake.  6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Run #2



ENOW: The Interns!

September 22, 2014

So this week we have a few very special East Nasties of the Week: The Interns! If you know anything about East Nasty, you should know that we love giving back to the East Nashville community. We’ve previously sponsored track teams and donated shoes to students, but this summer we did something a little different. We’ve had three summer interns from Stratford High School who have helped out each Wednesday night for the past 9 weeks. While interning with East Nasty, they’ve helped with setting up prior to the runs which included setting up the water, map, and sound system and then cleaning up after the runs.

For their participation in the East Nasty Internship, in partnership with Nashville Running Company, The Interns were compensated with some pretty sweet running gear! After working for 4 weeks they were able to pick out a new pair of shoes. After 6 weeks they were able to pick out a pair of spikes. And after 9 weeks they received a GPS running watch. Thank you NRC!

Please give a big virtual applause for the three newest East Nasties of the Week: Ambrose, Jack, and Treyvon!

Ambrose heard about the internship from his mom. His favorite sport is cross-country, but before the internship he rarely ran. East Nasty helped him discover how much fun running could be and now he runs about 20 miles a week and in two races a week! This summer while interning Ambrose learned, “if you push yourself you can accomplish almost anything and that running is a lot of fun.” Ambrose you are wise beyond your years!

Jack has run cross-country for his high school team for the past two years, but his favorite sport is tennis. He learned about the internship from his school through his participation with the cross-country team. While participating in the program Jack says he learned how to set up the water and the speaker system. Running seems to be a family affair for Jack’s family as several of his siblings have come out and run with East Nasty too. I’ve also heard that one of Jack’s siblings is interested in the program for next year!

Treyvon also runs cross-country for his school and learned about the internship program through his coach. Track and field is his favorite sport. Treyvon was a runner before the internship and has run in plenty of races through the track team. He enjoyed the internship with East Nasty because it allowed him to reach out and help the community.

I would also like to thank the parents of these wonderful interns. Without their support this program would not have been possible. Thank you for allowing your children to gain some valuable experience and to spend their Wednesday evenings with the East Nasty Running Club.We are grateful for their service!

Ambrose, Jack and Treyvon I hope to see you on a Wednesday night soon and keep on running!

Wednesday, September 17

September 17, 2014

Route #1

Meet at the corner of 11th and Holly at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.   This week, we are back to run #1.   As we run into Shelby Park, you’ll notice that there are some big changes coming.   Maybe next time we run this course, we’ll be running up the new greenway!

Also, you’ll notice some new faces making announcements over the next 12 weeks.  Be sure to say hi to Leah and Taylor.

Run #1: One Hilly 5k

Chicago Marathoners

If you are getting a shirt printed for the race, you need to bring your blank shirt and $10 this week!   Email Kim Stokes ( for more details, or just bring your blank shirt and money and find her at the beginning of the run on Wednesday!



Wednesday, September 10

September 10, 2014

Earn Your Sticker…

This Wednesday 6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

The Nasty

Remember the Lasty Nasties leave early (probably around 5:45).

East Nasty of the Week – Rayna Hinson

September 9, 2014

Tennessee. Oregon. Colorado. Massachusetts. Kentucky. Texas. Mississippi. Washington.

No, those are not the swing states for the Senate race. Those are the eight states that this week’s East Nasty of the Week has run a half or full marathon in as she works towards her goal of running a half or full in every state! Meet Rayna Hinson.


Rayna has been running with East Nasty since moving to East Nashville in 2009. But long before that, she was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba <insert random Canadian joke>. Her parents moved to Nashville when she was 6, so she’s practically a Nashville native.

Rayna began running after college, and quickly got sucked in as is evident by her very first race: the Portland Oregon Marathon in 1999. Some of us build up, while others like Rayna jump in head first and don’t look back. After her full, she tried her hand at a half, and then a 10k. Oh you know, just the natural progression of things…

Blues Mississippi Half Marathon, January 2014

Blues Mississippi Half Marathon, January 2014 (Where’s Waldo?)

This girl is all about major accomplishments. Whether its running the Double Nasty at 6am and 6pm, qualifying for Boston with a 3:36 after only doing two previous full marathons, or surmounting three fourteeners in Colorado with her husband (mountains with 14,000 ft of elevation or more), Rayna is a pro at setting goals and achieving them.

Top of Mt. Quandry in Colorado with Kevin, her husband

Top of Mt. Quandry in Colorado with Kevin, her husband

When not running miles, you can find her running her massage therapy practice in East Nashville. (See what I did there?) So next time you need a massage to work out all the lactic acid from a long run, keep it in the East Nasty family and hit up Rayna! She’s also a personal trainer at the Maryland Farms YMCA.

This November, she’ll hopefully add Indianapolis to her list of states when she runs the Monumental Half Marathon with a huge group of East Nasties headed up for the race. Good luck with your training Rayna, and see you out on the roads!

Wednesday, September 3

September 3, 2014

Hoka Running Shoes/Pint Night

Have you ever wondered about Hoka shoes?   If so, go to NRC before the run and take a pair of Hoke Clifton shoes out for a wear test.   (A “wear test” is just that: you get to wear the shoes for your run!)   After the run, head back to NRC for their monthly pint night.

Run #11

6am or 6pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Route #11: Churches

Wednesday, August 27

August 27, 2014

Route #10

Route #10.   It’s a warm up for mount nasty!  6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Shelby Hills

Shelby Hills

This week at East Nasty

Watermelon from the Snellen Farm.   Thanks Ryan!   (Who knew that a farm kid could run that fast…)

Tomatoes from Immaterial John.   I think he’ll be there with tomatoes…I’m never told when they’re actually coming.  Just keep in mind that if see a bunch of tomatoes at the Wednesday night run, feel free to have one or six, and then grab a bunch to take home!

Heroes in Recovery 6k.  It’s a great race for a great cause.   And we have a discount code: EASTNASTY2014

3 Crow Bar.   Yesterday was 3 crow bar’s 10th anniversary.   They have embraced the East Nasties since 2008, so make some time tomorrow night to go help them celebrate!    (Bring an extra dollar or two and tip well!)



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