Wednesday, October 29

October 29, 2014

It’s almost halloween.  Your costume for Wednesday night should be something reflective!   In all seriousness, it is definitely time to start wearing reflective gear.

Route #7

#7 Little Hollywood

6 am or 6 pm on Wednesdays at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.   Enjoy this route.   It takes us through a great section of East Nashville.

ENOW: Leah Sawyer

October 27, 2014

IMG_1518 (1)

Our newest East Nasty of the Week is the super-fast and super hilarious Leah Sawyer!

Leah grew up in Medford, Oregon. No, it’s not close to Portland, and no, her parents aren’t hipsters. She did grow up snowboarding a lot, playing in the river, and doing a lot of outdoorsy things. Growing up, Leah was a nerdy kid who was incredibly determined and passionate about her various hobbies and causes. She was crazy about running and made it a lifestyle. However, as much as she loved running, she says she was not a natural runner but that she worked very hard at it. Because of her innate dedication and passion, she worked really hard at everything she did while in high school.

Leah displaying her athletic prowess

Leah displaying her athletic prowess

Along with her studies and running, Leah also had her own business in high school! Leah owned “Sawyer’s Sweets” which sold custom truffles in the local grocery stores. Part of her misses it and would love to get back to her crafty roots, but, as she points out, time is more infinite when you’re in high school and your parents are providing you with room and board.

Not only is Leah super fast, but she is also super smart. She attended undergrad at Stanford, where there was a lot of studying, a lot of fountain hopping, and a lot of palm trees. She knew she eventually wanted to be a physical therapist so she majored in Human Biology. She wouldn’t trade her undergrad experience for all the money in the world, and if she could go back and do it again a dozen times in a dozen different ways, she would. While in college, she ran cross country and track so, like the rest of the team, she was pretty focused. However, the few times of the year that they were able to “party”, they really made it count!

Leah crushing the trails

Leah crushing the trails


For grad school, Leah went to Duke and that’s what brought her out to this part of the country—she just didn’t anticipate that she would stay! In fact, she first moved to Nashville for a 6 month internship in the fall of 2010. She moved back immediately after graduating in May 2012 and has been here ever since. Thankfully, she doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon!

Leah is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist for Pro Motion Physical Therapy in Brentwood. She gets paid to educate people about the body and help patients return to their hobbies and lives without pain. She says she’s so lucky to be in this profession, and there is nothing else she  would rather do.

As for her introduction to running, Leah played a lot of soccer and rode horses growing up, but she only started running in middle school to impress one of her older brother’s friends who was also a runner. In high school, she began running as a freshman after going to an epic running camp in Steens Mountains—and this truly changed her life.

Leah’s biggest accomplishment in running is running Pac 10s as a freshman. She says she was not one of the fast girls on the team, but she was persistent. At Pac 10s, it was 22 degrees, and, per usual, the team was running in tiny little spandex “buns”, i.e. underwear. Leah crossed the line, and her mom burst into tears because she was so proud- until she realized that Leah had frozen snot plastered to my face. It was only then that Leah says her mom stopped her tears of joy. Leah’s team ended up winning NCAA Championships that year, and she still wears her ring from time to time.

Leah at the Bronco Invitational

Leah at the Bronco Invitational

Leah’s favorite part of East Nasty is the “make a new friend” announcement right before the start of Wednesday night runs. It’s like being in elementary school again. Realistically, she says, there aren’t many situations as an adult where you can meet someone friendly and like-minded just by saying hello, and that’s awesome. Agreed, Leah.

Her most memorable East Nasty experience is trying to keep up with Nash Harris before they actually started dating. The first time this happened, Leah was actually running with Debbie and Carl Flink’s dog, Gidget, who is super fast and probably not the best at pacing herself. Leah and Gidget blasted by Nash, and Leah thinks she said something sassy like “we don’t like boys running in front of us”. Both Gidget and Leah crashed about a mile later, but thankfully, they left a lasting first impression as Leah and Nash are unofficially East Nasty’s speediest couple. Nash had this to say about his lightning fast lady:

“Even though she is a borderline “crazy cat lady”, Leah is very level headed in all that she does. What really stands out to me is her ability to cope with adversity in the same graceful manner that she handles success…which is a rare quality to have. Her amazing ability to run is an excellent snapshot of her life, as a whole. I would highly recommend that everyone at East Nasty take the time to meet her.”

Nash and Leah

Nash and Leah

Aside from running, Leah loves to cook. Most people don’t really realize how passionate she is about food and hosting. To her, cooking is such a fun way to bring people together over a simple pleasure. As Leah correctly points out, we all need to eat so it might as well be delicious. In fact, Leah was actually a kitchen manager for Houston’s before going back to grad school for physical therapy.

We’re so happy you decided to stay in Nashville and that you’re a part of the East Nasty family, Leah! Take Nash’s advice and take the time to meet the newest ENOW! Congrats, Leah, and welcome to the ENOW club!

Wednesday, October 23, 2014

October 22, 2014

Route #6

I love running on Riverside.   Did you guys know that Riverside is almost exactly 5 kilometers long?    Anyway, be sure that you are wearing reflective gear.    There is a bike lane on Riverside, but there is no sidewalk.

See you at 6pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Run #6: Riverside

Girls on The Run

Passing our love of fitness and running onto the next generation is one of the main goals of East Nasty.   Girls on the Run is another great organization that shares this passion.   They are looking for some “running buddies” for the girls that are participating in their training program.   Read below, and email Stephanie Livesay ( if you have any questions.
Girls on the Run Needs You! We would love to have you be a Running Buddy to accompany and encourage a girl through her end-of-season 5k event experience! For many girls, this is the biggest challenge and biggest accomplishment of Girls on the Run…and one of their favorite parts is having their very own Running Buddy by their side! The 5K will be on November 15th, 8:00am. This 5K will be a part of the Viva la Diva 5K, but Running Buddies only need to register using the link below; they do not need to register for Viva la Diva.
Running Buddy Registration Link –


ENOW: Beth Meadows

October 20, 2014
Rock:Creek StumpJump 50K

Rock Creek StumpJump 50K

Our newest East Nasty of the Week is an attorney. You know what that means, Nasties? She can write! So settle in and get ready to read all about Beth Meadows, your latest ENOW!

Beth was born and raised in Alexander City, Alabama. She was always playing sports – volleyball, softball and cross-country. She attended University of Alabama. She didn’t play any sports in college, but she did major in fun. Beth loved every second of college, especially game days. She also met her husband, Steven, in college.

Beth moved to Nashville in 2008 to attend Vanderbilt University Law School.  After graduating in 2011, she lived briefly in Washington D.C. and Vero Beach, FL before moving back to Nashville in August 2012. She now works as an attorney, and recently started her own dog running business, Nashville Runs With Dogs.

Beth and Gypsy at NRC

Beth and Gypsy at NRC

Beth started running with her dad when she was in second grade and really hasn’t stopped. Beth ran in college, but just enough to keep the beer and pizza off of her thighs. She ran her first marathon in 2011, but after that, took a long break from anything farther than 6 miles. It wasn’t until last year that Beth really started looking towards longer distances… and the trails.

Beth’s biggest accomplishments in running are qualifying for Boston at CMM 2014, winning her first 50K at StumpJump this year, and finding an amazing community of friends and runners that constantly support and inspire her. Here, here!

NRC pal, Season, has this to say about Beth, “Her love of running coupled with her drive and dedication to setting and achieving new goals makes her one badass [TacoBell Race Team] runner. I can’t think of another runner more deserving of ENOW, especially after she just crushed StumpJump 50k. Like I said, Badass, with a capital B.”

Bree, Beth, Alicia, Christa, Season, and Margaret at NRC Pint Night following a great East Nasty run

Bree, Beth, Alicia, Christa, Season, and Margaret at NRC Pint Night following a great East Nasty run

Beth came to East Nasty by way of Nashville Running Company. In 2012, Beth joined an NRC half marathon training group. Everyone there kept telling her that she HAD to run with East Nasty. Eventually, she took their advice, and it was a great decision!

Beth enjoys the community of East Nasty. All of her friends are part of East Nasty, and no matter how busy they are during the week, it’s nice to know that they’ll at least have a 3-6 mile run where they can catch up. She’s pretty sure she’d have no social life if it weren’t for East Nasty!

At Tom King

At Tom King

Beth’s most memorable East Nasty experience is one in which she wasn’t even running. Beth ran Chattanooga Stage Race back in June and was taking the week after the race off. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the scheduled Wednesday night run that week was The Nasty. She hated to miss it, so she decided to camp out at the top of Mt. Nasty with popsicles for all of the runners. She says, “Seeing everyone working their butts off, going up one of the worst hills in town, and having a great time doing it, was so much fun and so rewarding! I think I had more fun cheering everyone on than I would’ve if I had run!”

Running is, obviously, Beth’s favorite hobby, but she also loves to spend time with her husband and her best friend/dog, Gypsy. Gypsy loves the trails (probably not as much as Beth does). Beth also loves watching Alabama football, cyber-stalking ultrarunning “celebrities” and eating Taco Bell and tweeting about it.

My husband Steven and me at fellow East Nasties, Hunter and Season's wedding

Beth and Steven at Hunter and Season’s wedding

*Author’s note: Nasties, are you still with me? Good. Stand up and stretch, refill your coffee because turns out, Beth isn’t the only writer in her family. Here’s what Beth’s husband Steven had to say when I asked him for a quote about his wife. From Steven:

I love my wife very much. My wife LOVES to run and, in my humble opinion, is very good at it. As a fat man, it’s just something I don’t understand. When Kim sent me a message saying that Beth was going to be this week’s ENOW, my first thought was “that’s so awesome. Beth is going to love that”. Even though we are admittedly opposites in many ways, I have always tried to be supportive, and I am always proud and impressed by her accomplishments. But we are different. Beth is a staunch vegetarian. I am of the opinion that man did not claw his way to the top of the food chain only to sustain himself with quinoa and caprese salads. I love a lazy day on the couch. Beth loves to run, multiple times a day. Here is an exchange from a few weeks ago:

Me: Hey, everything all right?

Beth: How do you know when you need to get stitches?

Me: WTH?

Beth: How do you know when you need to get stitches?

Me: Why?

Beth: Well, I was running on the trail and I fell and hit my head on a rock. My face is covered in blood, my shirt is covered in blood…

Me: Go to the emergency room right now!

Beth: I think I’ve got the bleeding stopped.

Some of you know how that story ends. Spoiler alert, it involves a trip to the emergency room. But this is her passion. To the point where she still gets nervous days before a big race and can never sleep the night before. That sort of excitement and passion paid off for her earlier this year when we found out her application to run the Boston Marathon had been officially accepted. I don’t know much about the running world, but even I know this is a big deal and I couldn’t be more proud.

After some thought, I have found a way to sound excited about running. Well, maybe not running, but the people who do run. Specifically the people involved with NRC, East Nasty and all the people Beth and I have met through her running. She has made great friends with many of you and in turn, so have I. You are some of the most kind, generous, outgoing and creative people we have the pleasure of knowing. From beer miles to trivia night, store openings to pool parties and Thursday movie nights, I can honestly say we love every minute of our time with all of you. For that, and for my beautiful wife, I am very grateful.

Beth, congrats on your recent StumpJump win! Welcome to the ENOW club!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 14, 2014

Route #5

Drew’s favorite.

6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.   (If you are a Lasty Nasty, you need to show up at 5:45 pm)

Remember it is time to start wearing reflective gear.   It may not be dark at 6:10, but it will be dark by the time many of you are finishing.

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

Congratulations to all the Chicago marathon finishers!   Well done.

Wednesday, October 8

October 7, 2014

Route #4

Join us on at 6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.  This week is route #4

Run #4

1) It’s not dark at 6 pm when we start, but it is dark at 7 pm when we finish.   Please get in the habit of wearing reflective gear.  As we get deeper into the fall and winter, you may want to consider wear some sort of light.

2) We meet rain or shine.

3) There is a brand new greenway that runs between the Lillian hill entrance to the park and the dog park.  (Right at mile 1 in the map above.)   Tomorrow we are going to run on that greenway.  To get there, run past the Lillian hill and turn left.  Easy Stuff.   We will no longer run around the lake, so it will reduce the mileage a bit, but it will get us off the road which is always nice..

Below is a map of the new Shelby Park paved trails.   The section that we will run tomorrow night goes from #1 to #13, then we’ll turn right to get back on the regular route.  (PS It’s not lighted yet, but we should be fine at 6:20 when we get there…)

Shelby Park Map 2

Wednesday October 1, Run #3

September 30, 2014

Best Wednesday of the Month…

It’s pint night at NRC.   So come join us for Run #3, and head down to Nashville Running Company afterwards.

6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.    Remember, if you are a walk/runner, the Lasty Nasties meet at 5:45 pm.

Note:  The seasons are changing, and the days are getting shorter – meaning its time for reflective gear.   This week is a longer run, so many folks won’t be finishing until after 7.  If you don’t own any reflective clothing don’t wear black, and then buy something from NRC on Wednesday.

Route #3

Marathon World Record

It took Dennis Kimetto under 2 hours and 3 minutes to finish the Berlin Marathon last Sunday (2:02:57).   Amazing.  Check out some highlights here.   For you track people, he average under 70 seconds per 400 meters.   Imagine, 105 laps of the track at 69.9 seconds per lap.   And this from a guy who was not a serious runner until 2008.

This is one thing I love about running: we can be amazed by the elites, without trivializing our own accomplishments.  Here’s the reality: we will never beat elite runners in a footrace.  In fact, most of us couldn’t even join them for an easy jog.  But each of us can have our own personal victory every day by just getting out there and running.   That’s a beautiful thing.

“It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.” – George Sheehan

See you on Wednesday!



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