Wednesday, August 13

August 12, 2014

Route #8

6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.

This week be sure to welcome any new potato to tomato graduates!    Remember, if you are not quite ready to run without walking, you may want to join our Lasty Nasty group that starts at 5:45 (pm only).

Run #8: Rick's Market: Coldest Beer In Town


Wednesday August 6

August 5, 2014

This coming weekend is one of the great weekends in East Nashville: the Tomato Festival.  Now, the Tomato Festival really starts on Wednesday night at the East Nasty run, because we’ll have a lot of great stuff going on.

(1) Meet the new Nasties.   Our group will be quite a bit larger than normal, because this is the day that we meet our graduating couch to 5k runners!   Since early June, they have been meeting three times a week, to begin their journey to fitness, and on August 9th, they’ll run the Tomato 5k.  (We also get to welcome back the 40 coaches who have been helping them along.)

(2) Pint Night.   After the run, head down to NRC to officially welcome the new nasties with a pint of Yazoo.

(3) Try a new pair of shoes.   On Running will be at NRC if any of you are interested in a wear test.   (“Wear Test” means just that – you get to wear a pair for the run!)   Starting at 5 p.m. go to NRC and take out a pair for a test run.  If you decide you like them you’ll get 20% off.

The Run

Normally, on the Wednesday before the Tomato 5k, we run the race course.   This year the course has changed pretty significantly, (check it out at the bottom of this page), and it would be unwise for us to run it on Wednesday night.  (Just too many busy intersections.)   So we’re just going to continue our rotation and do run #7.  (Update: the 6am morning run WILL do the Tomato 5K course.) If you are racing on Saturday – you may want to jog the course at some point to get a feel for it.  It seems easier than in the past…

#7 Little Hollywood



First, I want everyone to realize that East Nasty is a totally volunteer driven organization.   So I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all their help, we’re humbled by the amount of effort people put into this organization.   Next, we need a couple of needs, and I would love to encourage some new folks to get involved!

First, we need more people to work the graveyard shift (4 till 6 p.m.) at the East Nasty booth this Saturday.   It’s an easy gig, the festival will be winding down and you’ll get a good dose of people watching.  Volunteer here.

Next, we have the ongoing need for volunteers to wash the cups.   If we could have everyone volunteer just one week per year, people would only have to wash cups once every 4 years!    Please consider taking on this thankless but necessary task.   Volunteer for the cups here.

ENOW: Eric Block

August 4, 2014
Eric's first half marathon finish, 2011

Eric’s first half marathon finish, 2011

Our latest East Nasty of the Week loves his girlfriend, their dog and fishing. I think I got that order right. Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your ENOW, Eric Block!

Eric grew up in the small town of Stevensville, MI, on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. Growing up, Eric was always drawn to sports and had a very common athletic progression:  soccer, basketball, football. When he wasn’t playing football, he was hanging out with friends and he also dabbled in track, but primarily to stay in shape for football.

Eric attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and graduated with a degree in accounting. At the end of January 2012, he decided to move to Nashville to be with his girlfriend, and fellow ENOW, Bree Roy. Eric works in Marketing at Caterpillar Financial. After working in Accounting for a year, the Marketing group had a need for someone with an accounting-esque skill set to handle some of their data reporting responsibilities. Insert Eric, and over a year later, he’s still happily enslaved to Microsoft Excel and its notorious pivot tables.

Fishing, 2014

Fishing, 2014

When Eric and Bree first met, he was the furthest thing from an endurance athlete, but in an attempt to spend more time with her, he started running in 2011. Shortly thereafter, several of his friends were preparing to run the Kalamazoo Half Marathon and he thought it might be a fun challenge to take on. And here we are.

Eric’s biggest accomplishment in running is two-fold. First, finishing his first and last full marathon in New Orleans in February 2013. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a great feeling when he finally crossed that finish line. Secondly, in 2013, he ran a 20:10 5k at a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in Michigan in the worst conditions imaginable:  10-15 degrees, snow, roads blanketed with ice, etc. He can’t believe he was able to stay upright.

Eric has Bree to thank for introducing him to East Nasty. She had moved to Nashville a year earlier and found the group. So once he moved here, he hit the ground running, literally! Since then, he can count on both hands the number of times he’s missed a Wednesday night run.

Bowie Park

Bowie Park

What does Eric enjoy most about East Nasty? You mean, besides beers at 3 Crow afterwards? He says definitely the camaraderie. He has built so many relationships within the East Nasty community; the people are incredible. He also enjoys the diversity of the group and says that there’s really something for everyone. Often when he’s inviting new runners to check out East Nasty for the first time, he can tell they’re intimidated to come run with a “running club”, but regardless, if you’re one of the fastest people in Nashville, or would like to walk an entire Wednesday night route, there will be someone to join you along the way.

The most memorable East Nasty experience for Eric is receiving the award, “Most likely to never run a half marathon ever again for being miserable on the course today,” during the East Nasty Country Music Marathon party. He says it was appropriate, yet hilarious due to the surprise.

Road trip with Bree and Rula

Road trip with Bree and Rula

*Author’s note: I would normally edit this down to a succinct 2-3 sentences, but I feel it’s important for you to understand how much Eric really loves fishing. Enjoy.

What other hobbies do you have?

Man, I’ve had a lot over the years, but the one that has passed the test of time is fishing. I got started really young and have had the “itch” to be on the water ever since. While I was in college, I actually traveled throughout the state of Michigan competing in Bass tournaments whenever I could. I also worked part-time at a local hunting and fishing outfitter retail store, much like a Bass Pro Shop, but smaller. Still probably my favorite job to date, hah! Though I’m not competing anymore and I don’t work in the industry, I still try to get out every weekend that I’m in town. Other than that, I love all different types of fitness. Currently, I’m doing a lot of weightlifting, my newest fascination, wall climbing, and when it’s not sweltering outside, I enjoy getting out on the trails with my mountain bike. And last but not least, the hobby I partake in, and enjoy the most, is spending time with Bree and our pup, Rula. Whether it’s running the trails or veg’ing on the couch binge watching TV (while endlessly throwing the ball for Rula), there’s never a dull moment with those two girls!

Eric, both Nashville and East Nasty is happy to have you. Congrats and welcome to the ENOW club! And don’t eat anything you catch in the Cumberland.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 29, 2014

The Tomato Festival and the accompanying East Nashville Tomato 5k are just around the corner (August 9).   (1) We want you to run and (2) we could use your help at the festival, so please take a moment to read below.

First, Wednesday’s Run…

Route #6

Remember, you can meet us at 6am or 6pm (or both) at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.  (If you meet with us in the morning, you need to bring your own water.   We’ll have water and some treats at the evening run…)

Run #6: Riverside


Tomato Festival

I know we’re biased, but the Tomato Festival is the best street festival in Nashville.   And this year there are more bands, more vendors and if this 80 degree weather keeps up fewer people in the medical tent!   East Nasty is a big part of the festival, and we want you to get involved as well:

Run the Race

The race benefits the Margaret Maddux YMCA, which shares the vision of making healthy living available to everyone in this community.   You can sign up on line here, or you can sign up Wednesday night at the run.   (You will be able to pay by credit card.)  Just remember, if you don’t sign up, you will suffer the wrath of Drew Jones, who will have access to a microphone that morning…

Sign Up Here For the Race

Volunteer for the Festival

Every year, East Nasty has a booth right in front of 3 Crow Bar where we offer free water, and we sell our t-shirts.  First, the festival is usually scorching hot, so providing a “water stop” is a great way for us to add to the festival.   Next, we sell East Nasty t-shirts at the booth.  This is our big fund raiser for the year.    (I’m sure you’ve noticed that everything we do is free – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any expenses…)    We need 12 volunteers who are willing to work a 2 hour shift to help out at the booth.   Would you consider helping us out?

Volunteer Here


Wednesday, July 23

July 23, 2014

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

6 am or 6 pm Wednesday, July 23rd.    (Yes, if you are a morning runner you can join us at 6 a.m.)    We always meet at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Remember, if you are more of a walk/runner, join the “Lasty Nasties”.    They start the run at about 5:45 pm.    Check out their Facebook page for more information.

This week is one of the “exceptions to the rule” as far as running on the left side of the road.   On this route, we run on the right side of the road as we go up first avenue, across the Woodland Street Bridge and up Woodland.

Run #5: The Walking Bridge


Tomato Fest 5k

Remember, this is our “home” race and all of us need to run!   If you haven’t signed up yet (Register Here), Wednesday’s the day.   Between 4 and 8, go to Yazoo Brew, sign up for the race, and get 2 free beverages.    (We are also going to need some volunteers to help out at our booth during the festival, more details soon…)

Yazoo Brewing Company Sign-Up Special
What: Sign up for East Nashville Tomato 5k
Where: Yazoo Brewing Company 910 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203 (in the Gulch)
Why: Get 2 FREE adult beverages when you sign up for the race.
When: Wednesday, July 23
Time: 4-8pm

Photo Shoot

On Wednesday, a marketing representative will be recruiting runners for a photo shoot, and it’s a paid gig!   Seems like a fun way to get paid to run.   You are especially desirable if you run with your dog.

Here are some quick details:

When: Aug 3rd (11am-7pm) and/or Aug 4th (6am-9am)

Where: Opryland Area

Who: Seeking approximately 18 runners, 6 or more with dogs who are experienced runners to serve as brand ambassadors.

What: Runners will be running, jogging, and walking during this time frame in groups of 3 or 4 to raise awareness of a pet food brand that is focused on balanced nutrition and health. There will be plenty of breaks to stay cool and be able to run in intervals during this time frame. For those with dogs that run frequently, each group will have at least one dog running with their group to keep the theme and add to the awareness.

Compensation: Approximate $16-18/hr, and more for those with a dog.

Why: This is an exciting marketing opportunity for our brand, and it is also a great opportunity to earn some extra money doing something you love to do.

Interested? Call, text, or email Ryan at or 615.962.5475

If you need more details, come to the run Wednesday afternoon of email Ryan.

East Nasty of the Week – Lenny Bertoldo

July 22, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen of East Nasty, I’d like your attention please. We have a DJ among us. Well, a former DJ. He has taken a break to focus full time on producing music. But I digress. Without further ado, Lenny Bertoldo, your newest East Nasty of the Week.

CMM Half 2014 - Runnin'

Lenny has been running with East Nasty for about 2 ½ years, ever since he realized running solo is B-O-R-I-N-G. His biggest accomplishment in running is not tripping or falling while running as fast as he could down Monteagle during last year’s Ragnar Relay. That, or, finishing his first CMM ½ without requiring medical assistance back in 2012. (Can you tell Lenny has a sense of humor?)

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 3.46.27 PM

Lenny & his Ragnar Relay Team

Lenny grew up outside of Boston in Fairhaven, MA and picked up DJing as a hobby when he was around 13. After high school, he started working for a remixing studio in East Boston, and the rest is history. He moved to Nashville 10 years ago and focuses solely on producing and remixing dance, pop and pop-country music. It’s a good thing he isn’t out DJing until 3am on Friday nights anymore, because as we all know, this group doesn’t exactly sleep in on Saturday mornings.

Lenny & the Ladies

Lenny & the Ladies

East Nasty has made Lenny a faster runner. He did a great job of explaining how, so I’ll close with his recap of our Pace Leader set up on Wednesday nights.

All those people showing up creates the need for pace groups, which is great! Until I realized it was all lies. Lies I tell you… lies! This is how a Wednesday night run goes (for me, queued-up in the 8:30-9:00 pace group):

Me: “Adam, what pace you runnin’?”
Adam: “8:30. I’m running slow tonight.”
Me: “Cool! I wanna take it easy tonight.”

We take off. Less than a mile in, I look down at my Garmin through blurred vision and, as things start to get hazy and I wonder to myself, “What the HELL was I thinking?!” What does it say? 7:58 pace. And THAT’s how I’ve become a better runner!

Welcome to the ENOW club, Lenny. Happy to have you.

Wednesday, July 16

July 15, 2014

Before the Run

One unfortunate reality is that when buying a pair of shoes, you have to choose a pair after jogging up and down the block.   I don’t know how to solve that problem, but one helpful trend is that shoe companies have started wear tests.   A wear test is where runners can take a pair of shoes out for a run.  This week Mizuno is having a wear test.   Drop by Nashville Running Company before the run on Wednesday to wear a pair of Mizunos during the run.

The Run

Run #4: The Big Shelby Loop.   We’re going to be sharing Shelby Park with our couch to 5k group, and with the East Nashville farmer’s market.    There’s probably going to be more traffic in the park that usual, so even though we typically run on the left side of the road, this week, run down the right side of the road on Davidson.

Run #4


After the Run

This week is I Dream of Weenie night.   Every hotdog is $0.50 off, and it’s BYOB.   So bring some cash and plan on staying after the run to enjoy a dog and some time with your fellow East Nasties.

It looks like we are going to have a beautiful night for a run!




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