PR Bandits Saturday Morning Run – Centennial/Richland Creek

June 11, 2015

East Nasty is partnering this summer with the ‘PR Bandits’ who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings.

This Saturday’s run (June 13th) starts at 6:30am at Centennial Park and offers 7.5 and 10 mile options. Meet at Centennial in the new parking lot North of the Parthenon. Starting at Centennial Park, we will navigate our way through the Richland-West End neighborhood to McCabe where we will circle on the Richland Creek Green Way and head back. If you’re looking for more mileage, our 10 mile route adds a loop around Vanderbilt.

Route maps:
7.5mi –
10mi –

Join the PR Bandits Facebook Group for more info, get run invites, and to link up with other runners. Saturday supported runs will usually begin at 6:30am and be held at various favorite running routes across Nashville. You can also email Brian Johnson at if you have any questions.

Wednesday, June 10

June 9, 2015

Being Good Neighbors

Dear fellow runners, over the next twelve weeks we’ll be touching on safety related topics including Complete Streets, Vision Zero, running etiquette, problem intersections, rights and responsibilities of crosswalks, Sharing the Road, visibility, being an Ambassador, what to do if there’s an accident, and underlying them all are the laws and enforcement. Our goal is one of education : for everyone in our neighborhood that is sharing our resources.

TCA 55-8-134 (*1) and Nashville ordinance 12.52.020 (*2) gives some of the laws that protect us as weaker users of the roads. Those provisions often takes much effort to put in place and frustrates many that it may inconvenience.

Most of us are ignorant of our laws until it is too late.   So take a moment to familiarize yourself with the laws (1* and 2*), and think about what puts you into the right or wrong.   In an accident, what would you say in your defense? What would the other party? Were they to blame, were you, could they say it was the intersection? What could we do to keep that from happening in the first place? What kind of behavior should we exhibit to be good citizens here, already in the most walkable neighborhood in the city? Let’s think about this and more during the next weeks while raising the bar for East Nashville.
Route #11
Route #11: Churches
6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.
During CMA fest we avoid downtown and LP field like the plague – but we would love any festival goers to join us for a run!   So if you know anyone coming into town, pass this along, and let’s make everyone feel welcome in our group.
Remember, the Lasty Nasties meet at about 5:45 pm.  (The Lasty Nasties form our walk/run group.  So if you aren’t quite up to running 4.4 miles without stopping, you may want to join this group.)
It’s summer time, you want to run, but you’re not sure what to do with the kids.   We can’t totally solve that dilemma, but on Wednesday nights the Y can help.    You may have noticed that we meet in front of a yellow house on Wednesday nights.   That building is actually owned by the YMCA, and that’s where they run a program called ArtEMBRACE.   You can read more about ArtEMBRACE here, but they also do a lot of other great things in the community.   One of those things is that they offer art lessons for kids on Wednesday nights from 6 till 7:30 for $10.    So if you are trying to find a way to run on Wednesday nights, without leaving your kids in front of the TV, here is an option!
If you want more details, knock on the door Wednesday night or email Leslie Gregg at

East Nasty of the Week: Becky Pendleton!

June 8, 2015
Beer Fest -- East Nasty Friends

Beer Fest — East Nasty Friends

This week’s East Nasty of the Week hails from the Deep South, is a self-proclaimed chatty Cathy, is a woman after my own heart by combining running and wine, and most recently, PR’d a half marathon by breaking the 2 hour mark! Ladies and Gents, it’s my pleasure to introduce Becky Pendleton as your newest ENOW!

Becky is a good ol’ Mississippi girl, growing up in Picayune which is close to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Southern Miss campus in Hattiesburg, and only 45 minutes from the French Quarter. We can all imagine how much fun Becky and her crew had growing up in an area known for being a big party destination!

While growing up, Becky was very active, but her interests leaned towards the performing arts. She took piano, played french horn and twirled rifle in the marching band. Becky’s passion was dance at the time– tap, ballet, toe, jazz, acrobats. Following graduation from high school, Dancing Queen Becky majored in Theatre at Millsaps College and was in the Kappa Delta Sorority. During her senior year, Becky started running and even joined the inaugural cross country team. It was also during this time that she attempted her first marathon training. After a 12 mile run that left her unable to walk without hobbling for 2 weeks, she dropped out. According to her, the keg parties and zero knowledge of how to train led to that disaster of an attempt. These days, Becky is the Digital Sales Manager for WKRN, the ABC Affiliate in town (Channel 2). She loves her job and has been in Television in various sales and sales management positions for roughly 13 years.

After Becky’s attempt at marathon training her senior year of college (which I think we can all admit is crazy ambitious), she ran off and on (mostly off) through her young 20s. She was a solo running gal during this time and did not join a group or run races. Becky started running consistently around 2009 or 2010 when she started running with the East Nasties on Wednesday nights. She has no idea how she heard about the group, but says it completely changed her Nashville experience (hear, hear!). After a few months of running with the group, she fell in love with East Nashville and bought a house on Lillian just outside of Shelby Park, on one of the routes. Her friends and boyfriend (Mark Charlton) are East Nasties, and she’s learned so much from running with various individuals.

Women's Half Marathon in 2014

Women’s Half Marathon in 2014

Her biggest running accomplishment is pretty recent —  she finally met her Half Marathon PR goal of breaking 2 hours. Even though it took about a year and a half and 6 half marathons to do it, she crushed her goal at the Kentucky Derby Mini back in April. She even had 5 minutes to spare! Crushing it, East Nasty style! As for her most memorable East Nasty experience, Becky and her crew ran a Wine Destination Race: Napa to Sonoma last July. Wine and Running?! Cheers to that!

KY Derby Mini 2015

KY Derby Mini 2015

As with most of us, East Nasty has become Becky’s social outlet. She’s also a big fan of the PR Bandits (And just FYI — East Nasty is partnering this summer with the PR Bandits who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings. Check out Facebook for more deets!) Leeann Maddox introduced Becky to this group, and it’s where she really bonded with some of her best friends, including Jennifer Eberle, Katherine Knight, Michelle Allen-Parker, Art Thompson, Mark Charlton, and so many others. She’s learned so much from all of them as well as Kim Stokes-Lanier, Denise Leaver, Shelly Norton, Dave (CMM Coach this year). This is definitely a great and inspiring group, Becky!

Napa to Sonoma 2014

Napa to Sonoma 2014

Speaking of her boyfriend, Mark Charlton, this is what he had to say about our ENOW: “Becky is a hippie who disguises herself as an executive during the work week. She is a single mother of two, Will (a senior to be in high school) and Alex (she is in college at UTC). The first thing I ever heard from Becky was on an East Nasty Saturday morning long run. I was dying coming back up Shelby and a group of us were stopped at the red light. Someone asked me how I was doing I responded, ‘Just trying to get back to Bongo Java.’ She piped in and said, ‘Yoda says, “There is no try. There is do and do not.” She loves pasta, good wine, (ok all wine). She is not afraid of a shot of Jack Daniels. Her secret talent is that she is one of the best karaoke rappers ever. She is a sub 2 half marathoner who is shooting for a sub 4 marathon in Savannah this fall. Don’t bet against her. In the “do and do not” world she is a doer.”

Aside from crushing PRs and having a penchant for wine, Becky has a love for yoga, gardening (both vegetable and flowers), and no matter how hard she tries to become an empty nester, the number of dogs and people that live in her house keeps growing (but says she’s working on that!)

Congratulations, Becky! Your heart, spirit, and dedication truly represents East Nasty!

Saturday Morning Long Runs with PR Bandits

June 5, 2015

Looking for weekend long runs? East Nasty is partnering this summer with the ‘PR Bandits’ who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings.  Runs will usually begin at 6:30am and be held at various favorite running routes across Nashville. This Saturday’s run (June 6th) starts at 6:30am at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and is an 8 mile out and back (with additional milage available).

Join the PR Bandits Facebook Group for more info, get run invites, and to link up with other runners. You can also email Brian Johnson at if you have any questions.


Thursday, June 4: Potato To Tomato 2015

June 4, 2015



Tonight (Thursday) is our information meeting about the 2015 Potato to Tomato training.   It will begin at 6 p.m. in the teen center at the Margaret Maddox YMCA is East Nashville.   If you can’t make the meeting, you can read about and register for the program here.   It’s free!   All it costs you is a little bit of sweat and perhaps a few of those unnecessary pounds!   Please pass this along to anyone who wants to be a runner – but struggles to make it happen.   We welcome all ability levels.  In fact, this year we are going to have a speed walking group for those who just cannot run.

Wednesday, June 3: P2T, Used Shoes, Route #10

June 2, 2015

Being Good Neighbors…

Do you have any idea what your privileges and responsibilities are as a pedestrian?   If a tree in your yard is blocking a stop sign at an intersection are you responsible?   Are cars supposed to stop at a marked cross walk even if there isn’t a signal?

Nashville is both trying to become a pedestrian friendly city and solve its traffic issues – all while the population is exploding.  This seems to be an impossible task, but I don’t think it is, and all of us want both issues to be solved:  we don’t want to sit in traffic, and we want to be able to walk around safely in our neighborhoods.  That is why for the next 12 weeks, we have decided that we are going to educate ourselves (and in turn our blog readers) about being responsible drivers and pedestrians.   Our goal is to improve the driving/walking culture of East Nashville through education rather than enforcement.  (Because, yes. Cars legally must stop if there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk.)

Obviously in a short blog post we cannot exhaustively cover any particular issue, offer legal advice, or really resolve any of these complex issues.   But stay tuned over the summer because the best place to start is by educating ourselves so we can become advocates and examples.

Potato To Tomato 2015

Attention East Nasties!
Our FREE, fabulous and famous Potato to Tomato Couch to 5K program begins soon!  You know all those friends who say,”I could never run”? Here’s your chance to prove them wrong.
The informational meeting about our Potato to Tomato program is this Thursday June 4th at 6pm at the Margaret Maddox YMCA.  Encourage your family and friends to come to hear more about the program that would change the way they think about what is possible about them and running.
NEW THIS SUMMER – Running sounds a bit more than they want to tackle? This year we are offering a speed walking group to our program!!!
If you can’t make the meeting, or if you want to pass this along to a friend, click here for more information and to register for the program.
For the past 4 years, East Nasty has collected used running shoes and found them a new home.    Please bring your WASHED shoes and place them in designated bins before Wednesday night’s run. Please no trail shoes or shoes that have holes or heavy damage to the soles.   We will also be collecting shoes next week.

Route #10

Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. or Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

If you missed this run last time, you certainly missed something.   And that something would be Lenore street.   After the run it’s down to NRC for pint night!   This week’s pint night will feature injury screenings from Results Physiotherapy!

Route #10: The Electric Slide

Wednesday, May 27

May 26, 2015

Potato to Tomato 2015

Nobody really finds distance running on their own.  What I mean is that very few people wake up one day saying, “hey, I want to run long distances…”   Usually we are cajoled into running by a coach, a teacher, a friend or a parent.   Sometimes running was a necessary evil to be a part of a team sport, or to lose weight.    But after a while running gets under your skin as you experience the fitness, the accomplishment and the community that comes along with distance running.    Now it’s your turn to be that person who introduces someone to running…

Every year we have a free couch to 5k program to help non-runners become runners.   Our goal race is the East Tomato 5k in August, so we call our program Potato to Tomato.   Our program has been extremely successful because we meet 3 times per week for 8 weeks, and have over 30 volunteer coaches.   The information/registration page is up and active.  (It’s a tab at the top of our main page).   Pass the link on to anyway who is looking to add running to their lives, or if you need a group to help you get going again, sign up yourself!   Our first training session is June 13, so don’t delay.

Route #9

6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.   Remember, if you are a Lasty Nasty (a run/walker) you need to be ready to roll by 5:45.   (Check out the Lasty Nasty Facebook page for more details.)

It could be raining, and not only do we run in the rain – we love it!    But be extra diligent about safety on rainy nights.

And here’s a wet shoe tip: after running in the rain, take the insoles out and fill your shoes up with newspaper.  Cram as much in as your can.  The next morning, your shoes will be bone dry and the newspaper will be soaking wet.

Run #9 LP Field


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