East Nasty of the Week: Cheyenne Price

If you’re running in the middle of the road on a Wednesday night run, you’re probably going to be yelled at by our newest East Nasty of the Week. Don’t take it personally, because this same ENOW is just as likely to turn around after running up Mount Nasty hill on Riverside to give you a high five and the motivation to keep pushing through that brutal 5.96 mile route. Always a source of encouragement and positive East Nasty spirit, meet Cheyenne Price.

Born in Louisville, KY, recently named by GQ as the “manliest city in the US,” Cheyenne spent his boyhood doing manly things, like collecting Monopoly boards and drawing computer motherboards. A self-proclaimed nerd (weren’t we all?), Cheyenne knew in high school that he wanted to work with computers (his class ring even had a computer on it), and went on to attend Louisville Tech. Today, he serves as the Manager of IT Operations for OR Technology at Vanderbilt, helping provide doctors and nurses with patient information when they need it.

Cheyenne attributes his love for running to his brother-in-law Brian and best friend Kris, who encouraged him to compete in his first 5k in 2009. The following year, Kris had a crazy idea and talked Cheyenne into signing up for a half marathon. 13.1 miles may have seemed like a good idea at the time of registration, but race day was brutal. Cheyenne remembers feeling miserable as he tried to push through the course with Kris. There were no words or smiles between friends as the heat rolled in, causing every muscle in Cheyenne’s body to hurt. It was at his complete breaking point that Cheyenne found a strange connection to running. His realization that he could push himself to the edge, made him actually enjoy the sport. He compares his focus during a run to the thoroughbreds he grew up watching at Churchill Downs. He uses up every ounce of energy he has and doesn’t stop for anything.

After Googling “running in Nashville,” Cheyenne discovered East Nasty Running Club in 2010. Though he knew the group existed, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to join until one Wednesday night when he went for a bike ride on the greenway. As he was heading back home, he heard a guy (it was Mark Miller) in the car next to him yell “Go East Nasties!!” at a massive group of runners. One look at the group and Cheyenne was convinced East Nasty could make him a better runner.

Cheyenne is now a regular member of East Nasty and has not only made a great group of friends, but has found enjoyment in encouraging others. He feels it is important “to be a part of the movement” to create a healthy community in both Tennessee and his home state, Kentucky. He is currently training for the Kentucky Derby Marathon, which will take him through his old neighborhood in Louisville. He plans to one day run an ultra marathon of 150 miles (wow) and hopes to join the ranks of fellow hardcore Nasties, JP Cowen, Jim Schwan and Mark Miller and compete in this year’s Ironman. What do you expect from someone born in the manliest city in America?

East Nasty is contagious in the Price family and the love of running has spread to Cheyenne’s wife Allyson, who just completed her first half marathon last week at the New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Ally not only finished five minutes faster than her goal time, but did so just 11 months after the birth of their daughter, Hadley. Cheyenne was there to support her along the way and wore a backpack packed full of running essentials (shorts, shoes, socks, water, bars, gels, etc.).

Cheyenne with his wife, Ally and daughter, Hadley.

Speaking of Hadley, Cheyenne thanks the birth of his daughter for one of his fastest races- the 2011 Tom King Half Marathon, which was held the morning after her birth. Still at Baptist hospital, Cheyenne remembered it was race day just 40 minutes before the race started. He came straight from the hospital to LP Field and ran Tom King in 1:52:02!

The new dad, crossing the finish line.

An asset to the East Nasty community, congratulations to Cheyenne Price for joining the ENOW club. Let’s follow this ENOW’s example and STAY OUT OF THE STREET!

-Erin (Burcham) Taylor

6 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Cheyenne Price

  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAH! Good choice. Always friendly, always encouraging, always running- go Cheyenne!

  2. Kris Carr says:

    Great story, better person! Awesome stuff!

  3. Jim Schwan says:

    My only question…What took so long?

    Cheyenne could’ve been bestowed ENOW after his 2nd Wednesday night!

    Well deserved.

  4. Cheytown says:

    my dear friends are far too kind!! Thanks, guys!

  5. Daniel says:

    Congrats, to a great ENOW! If you want to run and be entertained, just go run with Cheyenne and see what kind of stories you hear.

  6. […] of the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champs! (If you’ve known Ally or her husband, Cheyenne, for any length of time, you’ve likely seem them sporting some Louisville love in their […]

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