East Nasty(s) of Week: Amanda Silveira and Casey Sloss

With a mutual love of business and helping others, these two new ENOWs have combined their creative talents into a new children’s consignment boutique on Porter Road. The new store “Cheep, Cheap” will strive to promote the recycling of gently used children’s clothes and toys. So say hello to these two wonderful ladies, Amanda Silveira and Casey Sloss.

Amanda during Ragnar

Casey ready to run

Amanda and Casey have known each other since 2005, when they met through mutual friends at Climb Nashville. Back then, Casey was working as an RN at Vanderbilt hospital, but over the past 3 years she has been raising her two sweet daughters. Amanda moved to Nashville to pursue a career in Environmental Science. She ended up going back to school to study nursing, and has worked in labor and delivery at Centennial Women’s Hospital since graduating in 2010.

In running, Amanda and Casey recently completed this year’s Ragnar relay. Not only did they have a great time, but they also rocked out a first place finish in their division!!! Amanda took things a bit farther last year when she entered and completed the Tough Mudder race. As far as future running, both are putting their focus into Cheep Cheap.

Cheep Cheap hopes to host events such as puppet shows, book readings, and social gatherings for moms and kids. They will promote local craft artists who want to create clothing and additional items for kids, and they also hope to help give back to the East Nashville community as much as possible. Be sure to stop by their store, located at 711 Porter Road.

We at East Nasty wish all the best of luck in your new business venture.


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